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10 kinds of infants and young children must have puzzle toys

The normal development of each child is a system, complete and coordinated process. Their words and deeds are formed in different living environments.

Genetic factors, physiological factors, and social environmental factors are important factors affecting children’s growth, and family factors are particularly important. In family education, people often ignore the role of toys accompanied by their children. If each parent can choose the ideal toy suitable for their children, then it will achieve good results for children’s early intellectual development.

The following introduces 10 types of Qizhi toys that are suitable for infants and young children.

1. Ring ring

A 3 -month -old baby can hold the “ringing ring” in one hand. They began to try the role of touch, sensory, visual or taste. Touch it with your hands and experience how you feel on your hands; look at the various colors of the toys with your eyes; taste the taste of the toy with your mouth; the sound when shaking the “ring ring” can train the baby’s hearing. The simplest toys are the first step for infant development intelligence.

2. ball

The 6 -month -old babies are interested in everything that can be moved. The color balls that can be rolled are most attractive to them. They will roll forward with their hands as soon as they push the ball. It is even more wonderful to play together.

3. Building block

A lot of babies have discovered a lot of babies. They have known a variety of utensils such as toys, furniture. They learned that some objects are soft, some are hard, some have corners, and some are rolling. In the face of the building blocks, the baby will start using two hands to make the two blocks touch the sound; one stacked on the other will be higher than one block alone; and it can also be stacked into a variety of different shapes with the building blocks.

4. Compound shape box

This is a toy that is used to train children to observe the shape of the item. Through this toy, children can understand a shape of the same shape only to allow the same shape of items; understand the different shapes of daily necessities, and these 18 -month -sized baby Children are more suitable.

5. Play sand

All young children love to play sand and water. After 18 months, the young children have already understood that they can’t put everything in their mouths. At this time, they can provide various small tools, such as small shovels, rakes, small buckets, etc. let them play sand, and let the children pile the sand piled up the sand piled up It becomes a variety of shapes and gives full play to their creative ability.

6. Doll

Two -year -old children have begun to show their personality. At this time they can express their love and disgust. If you have doll toys, especially girls, they can treat the doll like a mother, wash, dress, feed, praise or blame the doll for the baby.

7. Stack cup

For a two -year -old child, stacking cup toys are the most changeable games, which can be stacked into a tall tower and a single cup. One time. Through this type of game, children can know that although some things are invisible, they actually exist.

8. Picture Book

The two -year -old children have met a lot of items through their eyes, mouths, and hands. If they can find the items they know in the picture book, how much fun should be! Of course, parents can also teach their children to know more through the picture books and books. Things. Of course, this kind of painting is simple and bright in color, and you can recognize what it is at a glance.

9. Toys

At the end of the age of two, children can basically control all parts of their bodies, can drive “car”, can drive fast, slow, or ride “Malaysia”. If the “car” can still carry some of their own small toys and can serve as a transport driver, it is really endless.

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10. Pull away animal toys

Children’s pulling “animals” will fascinate them. They slowly understand that this rope still has such a touch of force, which is more wise than those electric toy cars using dry batteries.

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