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10 years of athletes, why can’t the rule of rule?

Summer is here, and your athletes should come on time. When the athletes occur, the feet are itchy and unbearable, and the hands can not solve it at all. Sometimes itchy can’t wait to scrape it with a knife, and poke with round rules. So, why can’t the athletes always recur on repeatedly? What should I do if my athlete is committed?

10 years of athletes, why can’t the rule of rule?

Where are you sacred?

Athlete, also known as “Hong Kong Foot”, is known as “ringworm” in medicine, and is a shallow fungal infection that occurs in the skin between the toes. Once a person gets athlete, his feet will become itchy and uncomfortable. The athletes like to be wet in the humid season such as summer and spring. Once they are staring at someone’s skin, it is difficult to cure it, and it will often be delayed for many years.

Why is it difficult to cure the foot?

Why do you always rely on your foot? In fact, it is related to the following four aspects

1. It is difficult to be destroyed by fungi

We all know that fungal is the culprit of athletes. The reason why the athlete is difficult to be cured is because the fungus is too shameless and the vitality of the fungus is tenacious. It is nothing to die.

2. Strong recurrence of beriberi

After getting a beriberi, most patients will apply external medication on their feet to eliminate fungi, but they often care too much and stop taking the medicine after seeing the symptoms. In fact, the fungi was not completely killed. Some fungi may be pretending to be died. After a while, they re -entered the “rolling soil” and Dongshan.

3. “Re -infection rate” high

The fungi likes to play the game of every family. When they stay in one body for a long time, they will try to travel to another place. In the process of invading the human body, it will cause itching, so that patients can scratch with their hands. After touching other body parts in their hands, ringworm will evolve into tinea and ringworm. In addition, if you do n’t pay attention to your life, sharing daily necessities with other athlete patients will easily cause fungal infections.

4. Patients with disorderly medicine

Those who are suffering from athletes often can’t help itching, regardless of the three seven twenty -one, scratching the medicine randomly. Although it will have antipruritic effects after applying medicine, if the patient does not go to a regular hospital for treatment, the so -called “antipruritic treatment” will not only be anti -antibiotics, but will increase the condition.

How to completely cure the athlete?

Having said so much, how should the beriberi disease be cured? In fact, the treatment of athletes is very simple. As long as you know how to take the medicine reasonably and pay attention to prevention, the athlete can be cured quickly.

Treatment method 1: Scientific medication

On the market, there are many medicines that can cure athletes. There are spray, foot powder, ointment, etc., and the types of the athletes are also diverse, including erosive beriberi, keratin toes, blisters, etc. Use the corresponding drugs for scientific treatment. If the wrong medicine is used, the condition will not only be improved, but will increase!

In addition, some drugs on the market claim that it can cure the athletes, but it can only achieve itching effect. It can not achieve the cure effect at all. If abuse, it may increase the condition. Therefore, if you want to cure the athlete, it is best to take scientific medication under the guidance of a doctor!

Treatment method 2: Daily prevention

In order to avoid the trouble of beriberi, friends should start with daily life and pay attention to prevention. So, which are the prevention of foot gas disease from?

(1) Wash the feet frequently, change shoes and socks often, keep the feet clean and dry.

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(2) Wear less or not breathable shoes and socks.

(3) Pay attention to daily hygiene and do not share daily necessities such as towels, facial trays with others.

(4) Strengthen physical exercise and enhance your immunity.

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