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115 days of thrills!560g ultra -low birth weight Extremely premature babies were successfully rescued

At 27+6 weeks, the birth weight is only 560g, which is a baby in the twin. The premature angel found many congenital abnormalities such as single umbilical artery, slow development of the palace, and hip positions in the palace. After birth, severe suffocation was rescued by recovery. All of them are very high -risk.

Although the little angel’s life signs are weak, their vitality is tenacious. Living in the neonatal department of the Hongzhong Academy Hospital of Guangzhou, after upgrading the level of 115 days and nights, the little angel successfully turned to danger and weighed 2.41kg. He was discharged from health on September 10th.

The whole body is only the size of an adult

Guarding 24 hours, medical care

When they first entered the ward, the little angel’s whole body was only the size of the slap, weak breathing, and extremely immature whole body organs: the skin was completely red like jelly; the arms were only thick and thin in adult fingers; the skin was thin as paper, blood vessels slender, life of life, life The signs are weak.

The situation was urgent, and the hospital’s freshman team immediately formulated a super detailed diagnosis and treatment plan. Place the warm box to keep warm, breathe support, and maintain the internal environment stability. Try to use non -invasive auxiliary ventilation. Fine fine -tuning ventilator parameters to protect the baby’s delicate lungs. At the same time, the nurses and sisters show their skills. PICC has established intravenous infusion channels.

After a series of rescue operations, the little angel’s breathing gradually stabilized, and the saturation of oxygen oxygen was maintained at more than 92%, creating conditions for the beginning of feeding as soon as possible.

For a period of time when the little angel was born, the signs of life were unable to be stable, faced with too small weight, poor body temperature, nasal congestion, nasal mask was easy to dislocation, and difficulty in feeding. Professional groups composed of medical care are observed by the bed for 24 hours. Ensure that each step of treatment can be effectively implemented.

Turn into danger and cross the difficulty together

For little angels, a slight blow may be fatal. Premature babies often experience a series of problems such as response, feeding, and infection. Thanks to the daily drills, cooperation and tacit understanding of medical care, the Newborn Children’s Division is rich in teamwork with rich teamwork, helping the little angels through the difficulties again and again.

Breathing abnormalities, with the instant decrease of blood oxygen and heart rate, medical staff immediately rescued the baby’s breathing changes in time, quickly pulled blood oxygen, heart rate, and breathing back to normal lines to avoid the whole body organs, especially the nervous system due to hypoxia. damage.

The immune system is not perfect when the birth of premature babies is born. Once infected, it is easy to cause sepsis and DIC. The storm comes to control the infection in a timely manner. During the hospitalization, the little angel had two infections. After timely treatment, the little angel turned into insurance.

In the process of treatment, every movement of the medical team must be fast, light, and soft, try to reduce the hospital’s intrusion intervention, strengthen hand hygiene, and avoid medical -derived infection. Essence

Treatment for the little angel

Multi -subject collaboration, carefully guard

When the little angel was born, the left lower limb was disclosed in the feet first, and the dislocation was obvious and local swelling. After admission, I asked the orthopedician to consult. When facing the little angels who have always been “sharp” and “rough” style, they were gently showed. The attending physician of Liang Shaohua followed the whole process of the diagnosis and treatment. When he was discharged, the lower limbs were basically compatible with healing, which was basically symmetrical with the length of the right femoral. Dr. Wu Wei and Dr. Lin Tao of the ophthalmologist regularly review the bottom of the eyes. By the time the little angel was discharged, the eyes were basically normal, so that the baby could clearly see the world.

Multi -subject collaboration, guarding health. Stabilize your breath, establish feeding, improve the internal environment, prevent complications, and reduce sequelae. For such a delicate and weak newborn, each step of diagnosis and treatment requires precise and steady beating. To cure it, it is not only treatment, improving the quality of survival of the prognosis, and allowing babies to grow up healthily and happily. It is the expectation of parents and the expectations of all newborn medical care. In the long run of the baby’s condition, rehabilitation evaluation for the baby and rehabilitation treatment. When the baby is discharged from the hospital, it can already look up on itself, and there is a movement of chasing the sound.

(Correspondent: Hu Yingyi Sun Bingqian Picture: Red Club Hospital)

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