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13 big killer threatened male reproduction

1. Fast food

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As the rhythm of modern people’s life continues to accelerate, in order to save time and convenient, more and more men have joined the team of fast food.

Fast food food contains a lot of soy products. However, soybeans contain a hormone similar to estrogen. If this hormonal intake is large, it will show the effect of some human estrogen, which will induce male reproductive problems.

2. Driving

The development of modern transportation has made cars a manifestation of male identity. Italian researchers have found that taxi drivers, professional drivers, and truck drivers have decreased their reproductive capabilities. It is enough to damage male sperm quality for more than 2 hours. Men should drive in the car for 10 minutes while driving.

3. Traffic pollution

The pollutants such as nitric oxide and lead in the air are another killer of male reproductive problems. Scientists have found that men’s sperm quality who work or live 6 hours near highways or lives more than 6 hours every day is obviously worse than other men of the same age.

4. Notebook computer

Long -term use of notebooks can also damage male reproductive health, because the heat emitted during the work of the notebook will inhibit the production of sperm. So when using a laptop, it is best not to put it on your knees.

5. Mobile phone

Hungarian scientists believe that radiation from mobile phones can kill or damage one -third of male sperm. Although this conclusion has not obtained consensus, an undeniable fact is that the reproductive ability of men who have long -term mobile phones are indeed lower than unused.

6. diapers

German scientists believe that many young parents feel that the convenient and worry -free diapers can cause inferior inferiority when the baby baby grows up. The temperature of the reproductive organs of the baby boy was damaged and damaged, leaving it with a disease.

7. pesticides

A study from Argentina in 2001 confirmed that long -term contact with insecticides did affect men’s fertility. Experts say that men’s reproductive organs are one of the most sensitive organs in the surrounding environment. After the insecticide is permeated in the air, its harmful substances first act directly on the reproductive organs, which will cause imbalances of male hormone secretion and ultimately affect The entire reproductive system.

8. Smoking

The probability of often smoking male infertility is three times that of men who do not smoke, and smoking is the greatest damage to male reproductive damage between 30 and 40 years old. However, after two months of quitting, men’s sperm quality will be improved.

9. Tights and hot baths

Wearing tight panties or tight leather pants can induce male reproductive problems. Water temperature is hot during bathing can also damage male reproductive health.

10. Coffee

Coffee can also hurt male sperm. The caffeine contained in coffee is not active, so British scientists recommend men to drink coffee in moderation.

11. Don’t like to drink water

Do not like to drink water can also cause male reproductive problems. Although scientists have not fully clarified how the watery lack of water affects male reproductive health, it turns out that the male reproductive ability who loves to drink water is stronger.

12. Overnight

Scientists at Atlanta, USA, found that the quality of their sperm was damaged when men’s overeating. It is damaged because the temperature of the sperm is increased because of the intake of too much fat and other nutrients from a large amount of food.

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13. Tare for seafood

Scientists in Hong Kong in China have found that because the ocean is contaminated with industrial, seafood contains excessive harmful chemical mercury that is harmful to reproductive. Therefore, too much eating seafood will increase the mercury content in the blood, which will eventually lead to male infertility.

(Intern editor: Chen Zhanli)

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