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13 -year -old girl grows “stretch marks”?It turned out to be too fast!

One night, Mother Lele suddenly found that the 13 -year -old daughter had a “line” on the inside of her thighs and her waist, as if the skin suddenly cracked, and she looked a little similar to her stretch marks on her belly when she was pregnant. How is this going? Therefore, Le Ma took her daughter to the Pediatrics Growth and Development Clinic of Prayer Hospital to ask Director Guo Ronghui for consultation. She learned that this was a “growth pattern”. The child grew too fast. It was not a big problem.

Adolescence is too fast, the growth pattern appears

Director Guo Ronghui explained that growth pattern is actually a kind of “expansion pattern”. It usually occurs during the period of rapid growth and adolescent growth. Most of them are due to the rapid growth and development of adolescence. The speed of development, the elastic fiber of the leather is pulled out.

In addition, some endocrine diseases, orally, some glucocorticoid drugs, and long -term use of external hormone drugs may also lead to the formation of growth patterns.

The growth pattern is not exclusive to girls. Boys will appear too fast. They occur on the inside of the thighs, waist and abdomen, etc., which shows that red, pale white -distributed watermelon pattern strip -like leather patterns, generally there are many. superficial.

It does not affect health, and premature precocious precocious precocious precocious premature prematures before development

Guo Ronghui said that if the child’s growth and development period quickly gain or grow taller, the skin elastic fiber is quickly opened to tear, forming a conspicuous growth pattern, except for not beautiful, it generally has no effect on health.

However, if the growth lines appear before the development period, we must be alert to precocious puberty or other diseases. The main characteristics of precocious puberty are rapid growth before development. Occupation choices and marriage are very harmful.

For children in this situation, Guo Ronghui recommends testing the bone age and related endocrine examinations when necessary to see if there are signs of precocious puberty and other related diseases. Timely diagnosis and treatment will not affect the child’s height in a timely manner.

Once it is difficult to eliminate, exercise is the best prevention

“It’s ugly, I don’t wear short skirts and shorts.” Although the growth pattern will slowly fade, it still affects the external image. How to prevent growth patterns?

Guo Ronghui said that once the growth pattern grows, it cannot be completely removed. Some people will fade slowly after puberty, but generally do not subscribe naturally naturally. Therefore, adolescence should be prevented by growth pattern.

Preventing growth patterns can exercise appropriately, such as yoga, running and other sports, so that the legs and abdomen are fully exercised, eliminating excess fat, and making the skin firmer and elastic. However, pay attention to the exercise method to avoid being too anxious, so as not to cause strain and muscle hypertrophy due to exercise, leading to new expansion patterns in the hypertrophy.

Secondly, control your diet, develop good eating habits, do not eat and drink violently, do not eat too much greasy food and sweets, eat more unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin A, C, and E to supplement the skin’s nutritional nutrition Essence

Again, avoiding the use of glucocorticoids and excessive use of such drugs can increase the decomposition metabolism of protein, cause changes in collagen and elastic fibers, will thin the skin, and it is easy to produce growth patterns.

Expert introduction

Guo Ronghui

Pediatric Director and Deputy Chief Physician

Members of Children’s asthma and allergies in Guangdong Province. He graduated from the Southeast University School of Medicine and has worked at the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University for many years.

He has been engaged in clinical work of pediatrics for more than 30 years, and is good at diagnosis and treatment of pediatric respiratory diseases, such as children with asthma, chronic cough, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, adenoid hypertrophy, repeated respiratory infections, hand, and mouth disease, herpes pharyngitis, lung iron content Copycin’s calm symptoms, etc.; Also have rich experience in diagnosis and treatment for children’s growth and development, doubts of pediatrics, and diarrhea in children. Published a number of papers in core journals.

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