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14 key parts that women need to care for

As a woman, do you know important parts related to health? Experts have summarized 14 parts of the best health of women and drawn a “physical health map” that require special protection for you.

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1. Hair

If a woman dye her hair more than 12 times a year, she has a probability of 26%higher than women who have never dyed their hair. Scientists have shown that the probability of female lymphoma that has begun to dye hairs has been 37%higher than in 1980. The reason why those hair dyes were so high because the previous hair dye contains too much carcinogenic substances. “Deep -colored hair dye is more likely to cause women to suffer from cancer.” Scientists said.

2. Eyes

As modern women frequently use their computers, scientists have found that the number of women suffering from glaucoma have increased year by year. When using a computer, people’s eyes stared at the screen for a long time, which led to glaucoma. In addition, women smoke can induce glaucoma.

3. Nose

The exercise of at least three times a week and half an hour of each time is beneficial to improving people’s immune systems and enhancing women’s respiratory tract to fight various bacteria invasion.

4. Skin

In the scorching sun, women should pay attention to protecting their skin in particular, because long -term exposure to the scorching sun can cause skin cancer. Women must know how to use sunscreen and other items to protect their skin.

5. Breast

Bive children can reduce the risk of breast cancer. British cancer research experts believe that when a woman has the first child, it means that she is likely to have a mammary cancer by 7%. Feeding children with breastfeeding can not only grow healthy growth, but also reduce the chance of breast cancer by women by 4.3%.

6. Heart

If the weight loss or increase of 10 pounds (pounds) in the year, the health of the heart of a woman will be obviously damaged, hindering the cycle between blood flow and the heart. Therefore, for the sake of heart health, women must not lose weight too much.

7. Lung, bladder and kidney

About 114,000 people die in the UK every year. This number is 6 times the number of deaths such as traffic accidents and suicide. Smoking is responsible for 30%of cancer patients and 80%of patients with bronchitis and patients with emphysema. The latest research pointed out that smoking can also induce bladder cancer, dental and kidney disease.

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