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16 kinds of food should not eat more children

Doctors remind parents that the following 16 kinds of food children should not eat more often.

Orange: Eating more is easy to produce “leafyin skin disease”, and even abdominal pain and diarrhea, causing bone disease.

Spinach: A large amount of oxalic acid contained in it, in the human body, generates calcium oxalate and zinc with calcium and zinc in the human body. It is not easy to absorb, which can cause children’s bones and dental dysplasia.

Eggs: Eat up to 3 per day, too much can cause excess nutrition and cause dysfunction.

Jelly: There is no nutritional value itself. Eating more or eating often affects children’s growth and development.

Salted fish: Before 10 years of age, they started eating salted fish. The risk of cancer after adulthood was 30 times higher than the average person.

Bubble sugar: The plasticizer contains slightly poison, and its metabolites are harmful to the human body.

Beans: It contains a factor that causes thyroidist gland, and children are more susceptible to damage during growth and development.

Can: The food additives have adverse effects on children, which can easily cause chronic poisoning.

Instant noodles: contains pigment and preservatives that are not good for the human body, which can easily cause child nutritional disorders.

Sunflower: It contains unsaturated fatty acids. Eating more children will affect the function of liver cells and cause children to dry.

Cola drink: It contains a certain amount of caffeine, affecting the central nervous system, and children should not drink more.

Animal fat: Eating more not only cause obesity, but also affects the absorption of calcium.

Baked lamb skewers: Children often eat fire -grilled and smoky foods, which can make carcinogens accumulate in the body and make it prone to cancer in adulthood.

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Chocolate: Too much consumption will cause the central nervous system to be in abnormal excitement, generate anxiety, accelerate heartbeat, and affect appetite.

Pork liver: Children often eat or eat more, which will increase cholesterol in the body, and it is easy to induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases after adulthood.

(Intern editor: Lu Ruiqiong)

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