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18 sweet standards for good husbands

1. Love you without conditions

You must love this man, and this man must also love you. This kind of love is pure feelings, without any benefit, nor does it have any utilitarian purpose. The two of you are together, no matter when and where, they will be very happy and happy.

2. He can fight for your happiness

This man can have nothing, but there must be a career and conquest desire, with a strong and tough personality, and constantly pursue to allow you to live a wealthy, happy and happy life, and realize the maximum value of your existence. In the process of pursuing the success of the career, he will not blame the heavens because of frustration or failure. He is sluggish, falls into the crawling, and also strives to find a fascinating excuse for his failure. In the face of failure, he could pass by, and he couldn’t even let you see it, and continued. Real men will not give up their pursuit.

3. He can give women a sense of security

This man must be able to give a woman a sense of security, and will not worry and care for you for no reason, let you always know where he is, what he is doing, and he always wants to know where you are doing. His care for you is meticulous, he can do what you think of, and he can’t think of it. You can always live carefree, because there is him, you can consider anything.

4. He will not let you bear his pain

This man can not only take care of you, but even if he encounters big difficulties, no matter how big the misfortune, no matter how unfair, he will not show despair, crying, complaining, and complaints in front of you. Hidden everything in front of your heart to bear silently, and keep creating happiness to you and bringing you joy. This man can withstand huge pain, but never make trouble for himself, because you have you.

5. He can resist any temptation for you

Whether this man is loyal to you and the relationship between you and you is not betrayal. No matter what kind of circle he is working or what his friends around him, his temptation of other women is very resistant. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, but that he could control his behavior with rationality and be responsible for his own behavior, even if you were a person who never doubted him, even if he had a hundred opportunities to do so.

6. He can tolerate you

This man should be very attractive, tolerate all those who can tolerate, and tolerate everything. He will not interfere with your personal affairs, such as whether you go out for entertainment because of the public and customers, to meet with classmates and friends who have not seen for many years, or even with your first love boyfriend. Although he would be very depressed and jealous, as long as you appeared in front of him, he was happy to forget everything, and he would not make a lot of noise after you returned home or ignored you for a long time.

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