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2-3-year-old baby learning to draw is good for physical and mental health

Learning and drawing can make your baby familiar with color and cultivate temperament. The use of various painting tools can also exercise the baby’s hand -eye coordination ability, which is worth advocating.

1. Let your baby play freely, bold graffiti

For two or three -year -old babies, we do n’t ask him to draw anything. As long as he picked up the painting tools to make graffiti on the paper, let the baby play freely according to his own feelings. The habit of love to write makes them feel that this kind of game is fun and interesting.

2. Use a variety of painting forms to stimulate the baby’s interest

The two or three -year -old babies do things for three minutes. If you only use oil to draw a stick, the baby will lose interest in a long time. At this time, we can adopt a variety of painting forms, such as cotton swab painting, blowing painting, watercolor painting, etc.; in one piece of work, a variety of painting forms; in addition, the form of manual and painting can be used to stimulate the baby to stimulate the baby interest of. These methods allow young children to allow their babies to experience the fun of hand -to -hand operation, so he can persist in drawing. In addition, the baby can also be perceived by the objects obtained in mud, origami, paste and other activities, helping them to express this object during painting.

3. Let the children master the painting skills through the game

During this period, the baby is basically in the graffiti period. It is not interested in boring and single copying. According to the characteristics of age, we can inspire their paintings through games in the game. For example, take your baby to observe the nest built birds in the park and observe the appearance of the bird’s nest; then we first draw the bird’s nests and birds on the paper, and then tell the baby to scrape the wind. The bird’s nest is not strong. Add more protection to the bird’s nest! This is the baby who will exert his creativity with interest and use various patterns and lines to surround the bird’s nest. This not only achieves the purpose of letting the baby move the brain, but also cultivates the emotions of the baby to protect the small animals.

4. Make life a source of painting

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Parents can guide babies to observe the environment and experience life based on the local environment and seasonal changes. Such as spring, take your baby to the suburbs to play, guide the children to observe a purpose, and return home to let the baby show the natural experience what you see and hear. The content of the painting is the child’s personal experience. The child is the master of painting Experience the joy, and interest increased.

May the beautiful things of nature be dissolved in painting and make painting a part of children’s lives.

(Intern editor: Lei Yuxuan)

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