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2 weeks baby game: face to face


From the moment the baby was born, he was inherently interested in his face. For him, there was nothing more attractive than his eyes, nose, and mouth. In fact, research shows that babies have stronger ability than adult recognition and memory. Compared with other shapes, the baby has paid more attention to the face of the standard human face, which is why many babies have simple faces on their toys.

Cultivation skills: visual cognitive power

You need to prepare: a mirror and your face

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Change your face expression and play this face game that fascinates him. If he is leaning in a play chair and a stroller, you have to sit next to him and let you be at the level of his sight. If he is lying on the bed or on the floor, you have to bend down or lie next to him, so that he can at least face your face with your face.

Began to slowly change your facial expression first, make smiles, surprise, tongue stretching and other expressions. Then repeat these expressions again, but there must be interval between different expressions. After finishing, stop to see if your baby will try to imitate you. Put a mirror in front of the baby so that he can see his expression. You describe to your baby at the same time: “Oh, you look surprised! How happy you are!” Or you can also use the mirror to look at your own own your own. Face, slant the mirror towards the baby so that both of you can see the face in the mirror.

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