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2011 China Health Annual Evaluation Introduction Introduction

The China Health Annual Evaluation List, founded by 39 Health Network, is the earliest Internet selection activity, the earliest, the largest number of participants, the most widely covered, and the most influential social influence.

2011 China Health Annual Evaluation List Press Conference, guests to take a group photo

2011 China Health Annual Evaluation Introduction Introduction

With the improvement of living standards, netizens’ health awareness continues to increase, and medical needs are also showing a “blowout” trend. The expectations of medical technology, management details, and medical service attitudes of hospitals are getting higher and higher.Propaganda professional and effective medical science knowledge.

China’s Health Annual Evaluation List has set up a platform for more than 400 million netizens to communicate and interact with medical service agencies in China, allowing netizens to vote to express their awareness, feelings, and evaluation of health brands.Through the mouse movement of the majority of netizens, and the experience -based evaluation methods participated in the whole, Chinese ordinary people’s cognition and love for medical institutions and medical institutions managers.

In 2011, the Chinese Health Annual Evaluation List set off again. With the perspective of the trend of the times, the choice of the majority of netizens promoted the most popular outstanding medical institutions, and recognized the management of medical institutions that made outstanding contributions to the popularization of medical and health knowledge and the popularization of health knowledge.By.

The 2011 China Health Annual Evaluation List was co -sponsored by the strong online media 39 Health Network and the mainstream newspaper media “Health Times” in the field of China.More than 30 media joint support.”Innovation makes health more powerful”, its influence and communication power continue to increase, and it has become a hot selection of netizens’ attention in 2011.

Since the official launch of the General Evaluation List, it lasted more than 3 months. Through the voting of netizens, expert review, and indicator evaluation, the participating units’ industry performance in 2011 took stock and evaluation., Hit a new high over the years, and has caused a huge response in all sectors of society.In Guangzhou, the selection of Top Ten Three Hospital and Dean of Popularization has attracted much attention from netizens.

Among the three hospitals in Guangzhou, there are such leaders. They are not only strong and advanced in technology, and they are huge. They also perform well in scientific research, health education, and major medical and health incidents.EssenceIn the “National Most Popular Trinity Hospital”, two seats from the three hospitals from Guangzhou showed two seats, showing the strong overall strength of Guangzhou medical institutions and an indisputable position in the country.They undertake medical treatment and relieve patients’ pain; they bear medical research and promote the development of medical technology; they bear medical education to cultivate the good heart of tomorrow; they are the cornerstone in the field of public health, and they play a pivotal play to ensure the health of Chinese people’s health.effect.

The more the medical institutions develop, the more obvious the role of managers.In order to improve the service quality of medical institutions and improve service efficiency, managers continue to explore new management methods.At the same time, as a manager, in 2011, a number of outstanding science presidents have emerged. They attach importance to the hospital’s health education for society and the people.Technology, they are good at using the public media to spread health knowledge. They organize to participate in the health lectures and free consultation activities facing ordinary people. It is the medical institution manager’s physical effort to actively spread the knowledge of medical science popularization. The health concept of Chinese people has gradually improved.

In 2011, with the breakthrough of the reform of the national medical and health system, we will continue to pay attention to the reform and development of the medical industry, to timely reflect the health forces that are more comprehensive and closer to the personal experience of netizens, in order to build a harmonious doctor -patient relationship, spread the concept of health, and the concept of health, and the concept of health.Improve national health literacy and work together.

“Innovation makes health more powerful”!The 2011 China Health Annual Evaluation List is a summary of an annual industry achievement, and it is a new starting point for supporting health communication. May the light of the medical road illuminates the healthy life of the Chinese people in the Chinese people.

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