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2011 China Health Annual Evaluation Theme: Innovation makes health more powerful

After netizens log in to the General Evaluation List official website 2011.39.NET , they can vote for the most popular cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs, the most popular pediatric drugs, the most popular top three hospitals in the country, and other lists, CCTVWebsites, China Nets, MSN, China Yahoo, Taobao and other websites have also set up the voting window of the overall evaluation list. A major Internet selection event in China in 2011 kicked off.

In 2011, it is destined to be a year in China’s health industry.This year, the “Twelfth Five -Year Plan” entered the year of sailing, and the “Twelfth Five -Year Plan” clearly proposed that the per capita life expectancy increased by one year.Cracking; this year, healthy knowledge uses Weibo platform to accelerate spread; this year, endless food safety problems are dazzling … We pay attention to the healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry, care for the public’s health, and care about the health of the peopleThe improvement of literacy is precisely because of this, the 2011 China Health Annual Evaluation List has specially increased the best health Weibo list of the year, the annual innovation pharmaceutical product list, and the annual innovation medical technology list.Selected content, I hope that through professional combing and judgment of netizens, this general review list will become a pragmatic health knowledge communication platform.

In addition to the official website 2011.39.NET, the official Weibo of the overall evaluation list has also officially opened: http://weibo.com/2011jkzpb , netizens can always grasp the development of the overall evaluation list at any time and express their opinions.


The selection process of this year’s health annual evaluation list lasted two months. From the perspective of “fairness, fairness, and objective”, the Internet voting method was adopted by netizens to nominate pharmaceutical companies and individuals on each list. The opinions of industry experts, the leaders, enterprises, products, and the promotion significance and model value of the entire pharmaceutical health industry in my country’s health industry leading the industry’s innovation.

5 websites of CCTV Health, Zhonghua.com, MSN, China Yahoo, and Taobao as a joint voting website of the total health evaluation list will set up a voting window; in addition, 30 media such as Xinhua Health, Beijing Morning News, and Information Times are also with 39Together, the Health Network pays attention to and disseminate the comments of the billions of netizens on the health industry.

China’s Health Annual Evaluation List has been launched since 2007. It has become one of the largest and biggest activities in the domestic pharmaceutical and health industry every year. In the past 4 years, more than 200 million netizens have participated in the selection of previous general evaluation lists.The theme of the list is “Innovation makes health more powerful”. It is expected that the total number of netizens participating in the event will exceed the sum of the years.

Who will get the honorary title of the Outstanding Popular Science President of 2011?Who is the special contribution of the year of China’s health education?What are the annual innovative pharmaceutical products in China’s health industry?What are the most popular gynecological medicines?These questions will be announced at the awards ceremony held in December this year.

(Editor in charge: Yao Qing)

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