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2012 Excellent Children’s Book Ranking

On December 17th, the 2012 Outstanding Children’s Book Ranking Conference and “Reading Power-Create the” Heart ‘Environment “Children’s Reading Forum Multi -function hall is held. As the Chinese media’s own children’s book rankings, the top 10 of the annual excellent children’s book ranking has attracted attention from all walks of life. Cai Jianhua, director of the National Family Planning Commission Exchange and Training Center, Wang Fang, Minister of Children’s Department of Beijing Women’s Federation, editor -in -chief of the major domestic children’s book publishing house, Wang Yue, vice president of Dangdang, general manager of infant and child business department, and children’s reading promoters and hobbies Those who witnessed the Children’s Book Congress together.

At the press conference, the parents must read the magazine club and the Red Mud Reading Club jointly announced the results of the 2012 outstanding children’s book rankings: “Dad, I want the Moon”, “Research”, “Good Harry”, “Adi Adi”, “Adi Adi” “He Julie”, “Tibetan Cats, Tibetan Cats”, “I Become a Fire Dragon”, “First Egg”, “Traditional Chinese Festival Story”, “Cats with Six Diets Dinner”, “Kitten Chasing the Moon 》 Elected. In addition, the special recommendation award of the year is: “Little Ball Listening to the People” series, “Place of Dawn”, “First Discovery” (Life Growth). Nominated by the highlights of the Children’s Book of the Year.

The selection of the finalists of the Tongshu rankings in 2012 presents several outstanding characteristics:

1. The original picture books are produced with more quantities, participating in many angles, showing the charm of Chinese and exuding local tastes. This reflects that parents in the new era pay more attention to traditional culture and education inheritance, and eager for children to feel and draw traditional culture when tasteing original pictures;

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2. Art appreciation books have become a highlight of the shortlisted works of this children’s book ranking in more forms of the expression of artistic appreciation. This shows that Chinese parents have begun to pay attention to the nourishment of art to children, and diversified education for the United States;

3. The picture books that can be played stand out in many categories of pictures, reflecting the parents’ utilitarian colors of reading, and at the same time, it shows that parent -child reading is increasingly becoming an important beginning to make children fall in love with reading.

Since 2005, as the most influential parenting magazine in China, the parents must read the magazine of the Parents, under the theme of “Let Reading Lighting Childhood”, launch a children’s reading theme forum every year. Over the past eight years, the theme seminars such as “Let Reading Become a Lifetime”, “Good Children’s Books Laying Mental Base”, “Parent -Child Creative Reading” and “Reading the World through Children’s Books” are committed to building children’s reading Communication platform. This year’s theme is “the power of reading-creating ‘heart’ environment” calling back to the reading itself, so that every child and adults can have the opportunity to experience the power that reads as the heart. This forum specially invited Ms. Chen Lu, a doctor of cognition and development psychology of New York University. Mr. Ji Yanhua, an expert who participated in the TOP10 of the Children’s Book Rankings of the Year, and the founder of the red mud founder of the red mud. The joint promotion of American families, schools, and community children’s reading “,” Pickled Books-Where to Let Children in Art “,” Where is the important book? ” Come to a wonderful speech.

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