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3 kinds of fruits have been included in the “carcinogenic list”, and eating too much will cause cancer?These 1 kinds really have to eat less

“These fruits, take it back, don’t eat, eat too much carcinogen!” Lulu was at a loss.



Lulu and boyfriend have been in love for 2 years. This is the first time that he went home with his boyfriend to see his parents. So she prepared a gift for a long time in advance, and went to the supermarket early in the morning to choose a bunch of fruits, thinking about leaving them a good impression.

After going to the boyfriend’s house, they sat in the hall and chatted. Suddenly, the boyfriend’s mother raised the fruits she came from in the kitchen, and told Lulu to take it back. This kind of banana was urged. If you are familiar, Apple is also waxing, and eating it will cause cancer.

Her words made Lulu very embarrassed. She could only smile at the moment, but Lulu felt that her boyfriend was not satisfied with herself, and was deliberately making it difficult for herself.

Lulu thought: Don’t everyone eat these fruits like this? I haven’t seen others.

Can the ripe banana and waxing apples be eaten?


First, these three fruits have been included in the “carcinogenic list”, is it true?

Some kinds of food can often be heard in life, and many people are afraid of these foods. They even pull them directly into the blacklist and never dare to eat it. However, can these foods really carcinogenically?

1. Fairy banana

Some people say that when the banana was picked, it was not familiar with it, but when it was in the hands of consumers, it was already familiar. This was caused by a lot of harmful substances in the middle, so eating bananas would cause cancer.

But this statement is not scientific. Bananas do need to be picked off when it is not completely mature, which helps transportation and preservation.

After that, the banana is required to reach the edible state, and ethylene is used to ripen. However, ethylene is a very safe and commonly used plant growth regulator, which is to promote fruit maturity. It is commonly used in fruits such as bananas and mangoes.

In the process of natural maturity, a lot of ethylene substances will be produced. The purpose of using ethylene to use ethylene reinies for immature bananas is to make the ethylene gases cooked banana, and at the same time, the internal essential ethylene is generated inside the banana. Throughout the process, there will be no harmful chemicals, and naturally it will not cause cancer.

2. Waxing apples

There was a widely circulated video on the Internet. Netizens scraped a large layer of waxing substance from the surface of the Apple, and warned people to eat Apple to eat wax, which would threaten health.

In fact, Apple itself will secrete a layer of wax to protect itself, but this layer of wax is relatively thin and it is difficult to distinguish.

After picking up from the fruit tree, Apple needs to sort, clean, etc., so that the wax secreted by Apple is destroyed by itself. In order to prevent the apple from being invaded by microorganisms and the loss of water. A layer of wax on the apple.

This operation meets national standards. In my country’s “Food Additives Use Standard”, it clearly stipulates that fruit wax and Brazilian palm waxes are edible. However, some people are more exclusive to this taste, which can be peeling and then eating, which will not affect health.

3. Frozen fruits

According to rumors, the content of frozen fruit nitrate will exceed the standard. After intake, people are very unfavorable to health, and can even cause cancer. Is this the case?

The statement of fruits that are prone to nitrite after being frozen is actually unbelievable. The nitrate content in fruits is very low.

Xie Lingli, deputy chief physician of the Department of Gastroenterology, the General Hospital of the Yangtze River Shipping, pointed out that most of the frozen fruits are not as nutritious as fresh fruits, because the cells will be destroyed by ice crystals during the freezing process, and the water in the cells will also run into the gap and let the fruits allow the fruit Dehydration.

Although it does not cause cancer, there are certain safety hazards. When frozen fruits, the environment in the refrigerator cannot be guaranteed completely safely. After intake of fruit contaminated with bacterial pollution, it is easy to cause diarrhea and nausea.

It is not recommended to consume a large amount of frozen fruits in daily. People who really like to eat are recommended to pack and store them every time frozen to prevent the fruit from being polluted.


2. What really risk carcinogenic is this kind of fruit

Many people see a small piece of fruit mold or rotten in daily life. It is a pity to lose it. It will remove the moldy parts and continue to eat it. As everyone knows, this behavior is very dangerous.

Because after the fruit is moldy, there will be a large amount of mold breeding inside. Even if it is cut off the mildew, other unsightly visible positions are likely to be contaminated.

The rotten fruits are likely to contain patentomycin. This substance is a substance with strong toxicity and carcinogenic effects. When people intake a small amount, they can cause poisoning, induce disgusting, vomiting, diarrhea and other discomfort. It can even induce cancer.

When encountering fruit moldy in daily life, you must discard it in time, don’t be a big loss!

3. Is the fruit be eaten before meals, or is it good after meals?

There is actually a lot of controversy about the food of fruit. Some people say good before meals in the consumption time. Some people say that it is better to eat after meals?

Under normal circumstances, we don’t need to deliberately entangle and eat fruits before or after meals, as long as we have no discomfort after eating. However, for some people with poor digestive functions, it is recommended to eat fruits for 1 to 2 hours after meals. For some people who need to control weight, you can eat some fruits before meals, which can make the body feel full and reduce the amount of food intake.

4. How to eat fruits correctly? Keep in mind 4 o’clock

Although the fruits are good, there are many precautions when eating. These four things must be paid attention to.

1. Eat 1 ~ 2 daily fruits

The dietary guidelines recommend that the amount of fruits daily is suitable for 200 ~ 350g. If you calculate it according to this amount, you can get 1 to 2 daily intake to achieve the amount.

2. Don’t eat too much high -calorie fruits

Most of the fruits are not very high, but there are some special circumstances, such as durian and avocado are very high fruits. Pay attention to the control of these two fruits daily.

3. Special people should pay attention to eating fruits

For people who are prone to diarrhea, pay attention to eating less kiwi, dragon fruit, strawberry and other fruits with small seeds everyday.

People with excessive gastric acid secretion, pay attention to avoiding acidic fruits such as hawthorn, bayberry, and lemon; diabetic patients should pay attention to fruits with high sugar index, such as watermelon and jujube.

4. Can’t just eat fruit to make dinner

Many people who lose weight will treat fruits as a meal, but this approach is not scientific. The nutrients contained in the fruits are relatively limited. Eating only fruits for a long time can easily lead to uneven nutritional intake, which is not good for health. And the sugar content in many fruits is not low, and eating a lot of fruits will make the body gain weight.

As one of the foods we often eat in daily life, rumors we must learn to identify it, and do not affect our lives because of some unnecessary rumors.

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