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3 kinds of women’s three living habits are the most hurting ovarian

The health of the ovarian is closely related to the secretion of estrogen, while estrogen affects the entire endocrine system, so for women, ovarian health is particularly important. Due to various factors such as work pressure and living habits, many people have premature ovarian failure, which affects the menstrual cycle. Some are even advanced menstruation. The factors that cause these situations are our daily habits.

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The following habits are the most hurting ovaries. If you have these bad habits, hurry up.

1. Always stay up late

Women stay up late for a long time to directly hurt women’s menstrual blood, consume women’s energy, damage kidney qi, and affect ovarian function.

Various hormones needed by the human body are the most vigorous at night, and women often stay up late can cause changes in the hormone environment in the body. Once the estrogen secretion is insufficient for a long time, it will cause ovarian function to decline and cause continuous amenorrhea, uterine atrophy, osteoporosis, etc.

The survey shows that those who stay up late often increase the risk of early ovarian cancer than those who sleep at night at night, and the risk of advanced ovarian cancer is 24%higher.

Strike: Develop a regular life and rest habit.

2. Sitting for a long time

The sedentary posture directly affects the blood microcirculation of the ovaries of the pelvic reproductive organs, hinders the nutritional supply of ovarian tissue, and affects the normal ovarian function over time

Admissions: Women in the office avoid sedentary damage to the ovaries for a long time. At least 30 minutes per day, you can get off at two stations when you get up to get off work in the bus; do not take the elevator when you go upstairs and take the stairs; ; When playing advertisements on TV, stand up and walk around.

Female friends can take some time to participate in physical exercise every week, especially if they go outdoors to exercise, it can also allow the whole body to breathe and breathe fresh and nourish.

3. Bad emotion

Women must avoid excessive emotionalization and learn to maintain a long -term mood. This is a science. Women’s long -term emotional depression and discomfort directly affects breasts and ovaries. The liver meridians of Chinese medicine are directly through the breasts and fallopian tube ovaries. Long -term liver qi stagnation is bound to directly affect ovarian function.

Admissions: reasonably arrange the rhythm of life, so as to live in normal, combined sleep, work and rest, and cultivate extensive hobbies. Role qi and blood is good for health.

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