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3 major tips for sleeping the right medicine and taking the right medicine and sleep peacefully

Self -discipline neural disorders are invisible killers that cause insomnia. Doctors pointed out that autonomic neural disorders are not “one disease” alone, but symptoms of diseases that cause brain reactions, including stress, pain, and various mental illness. At present The scientific arrhythmia analyzer finds the cause of insomnia, and the right medicine can be used to sleep well at night, and say goodbye to sleeping pills.

Dr. Li Jiafu, Department of Physicism Medicine, the Tzu Chi Hospital of Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital, said that in the outpatient clinic, a 40 -year -old female patient with a 40 -year -old Li, who has been engaged in trade, has suffered from insomnia for many years, which not only affects the efficiency of the daytime, but also easily loses his temper. It seriously affects life; even when the body is always unwilling to see the doctor, ask the doctor to “by the way” the sleeping pill, but unknowingly develops dependence. The more you eat, the more you go to Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital for treatment.

10 years of insomnia and sleeping pills are addicted to taking sleeping pills

After the doctor understands the patient’s distress, he detects it with a cardiac mutation analyzer, and finds that her autonomous nerve regulation is found through specific images and data. Originally, Ms. Li was used to taking sleeping pills. The doctor changed her serotonin regulator to help her stabilize her emotions and relax brain cells. After 2 months of treatment, the patient finally gradually got rid of the problem of sleeping pills for 10 years to help sleep.

Basically, the human internal organs, such as the heart, trachea, lungs, stomach, bowel systems, and even reproductive functions, are regulated by the autonomous nervous system and can maintain heartbeat and breathing independently. The autonomic nerves are divided into sympathetic nerves and paranexional nerves. Essence

4 major ethnic group autonomic nerves are easy to disorders

Dr. Li Jiafu tuns that when the sympathetic and paranexion nerves are unbalanced, there may be shortness of breath, tension, unsuccessful, and uncomfortable sleep. Usually, the four ethnic groups are most likely to have autonomic nerve disorders.

1. Those who have mental troubles, such patients have low pressure resistance.

2. Insufficient rest, including too busy work and obsessed with the Internet.

3. There are many pressures, such as work, family and emotions, and they have problems with problems and burdens too heavy.

4. High -risk groups are people with diseases, because pain is also under great pressure.

In particular, the insomnia of Taiwanese is serious. The sleeping pills taken each year are as high as 327 million, but if you eat more sleeping pills, you may have dependence, and even more and more. Many patients with insomnia are used to taking sleeping pills. In fact, sleeping pills are not unavailable, but the use method must be correct. Using sleeping pills alone is not the best way.

In addition to drug treatment, Dr. Li Jiafu proposed the three main sleeping principles of “healthy eating, sleeping, happy, and happy”.

1. “Healthy Eating”: It refers to a nutritional balance, especially bananas, milk, wheat, and nuts containing serotonin’s pre -drive substance “I amine”. It has the function of inducing sleep and can be taken in addition.

2. “Sleeping with peace of mind”: Not only does sleeping, but usually to understand the relaxation of efficiently. Simple abdominal breathing can help the activation side intercourse nerve to achieve an efficient relaxation.

Tips 1: When inhaling, the tip of the tongue is slightly under the jaw, and the tip of the tongue is slightly jaw, and the deep and gentle rhythm regulates the most comfortable breathing speed. Slowly exhale. When you are exhaling, you can use the rhythm rate of the rhythm of the rhythm of 1 second, 2 seconds, and 3 seconds in your heart, and adjust the breath at the natural but not awkward frequency.

Tips 2: After getting used to a gentle and deep breathing rate, practice breathing movements. Generally speaking, when the correct abdominal breathing movement (abdomen swells when inhaled, and the abdomen is sunken when exhausting), the relaxation effect is the best. When it feels no longer dry mouth or even saliva, it represents the lever side -in -hand nerve nerve that led the relaxation of the sympathetic nerve nerves. It has been activated.

3. “Happy Movement”: It refers to the relaxed exercise of maintaining a happy mood. For those who have been in front of the screen for a long time, walking and walking are healthier than lying on the day. If you can walk to 100 to 120 steps per minute, it is easier to achieve the effect of enhancing cardiopulmonary function and regulating autonomic nerves.

Tips: Put aside the troubles and thoughts while exercising, or take the way to walk in the way repeatedly in the heart. habit. If the elderly have limited physical strength, walk for at least 10 minutes.

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