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39 Health claiming “micro -intention” to help the community disabled children of disabled to offer love

Since the beginning of the party history learning and education, on the eve of “July”, the Tianhe District Science and Industry Bureau has actively played the leading role of the industry, organized the “two new organizations” of technology companies to based on the characteristics of the industry, and solidly carried out the “I do practical things for the masses” practical activities., Continue to promote the study and education of party history and education to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party.

In order to solve the actual difficulties of the masses, the Tianhe District Science and Industry and Industry Bureau organized the implementation of the real life of the people’s livelihood.Enterprises in their jurisdictions strongly support the event and actively claim the people’s desperate wishes.On the afternoon of June 24th, the person in charge of the Monk Pinfu house of Zhuji Street, the Anxia Community Neighborhood Committee of the Tianhe District Science and Industry and Industry Bureau, went to the families of the difficult families to condolence and talked with the mother’s mother to care about the child’s learning status.At the scene, the designer of Shangpin House was used to customize desks and bookcases for children for free, creating a good reading space for children.


On June 30, the Tianhe District Science and Industry and Industry Bureau coordinated 39 Health (Guangzhou Qisheng Information Technology Co., Ltd.) claimed the “Weimin” of the General Branch of the Cuipingyuan Community to help children with disabilities in the community realized the careful wish of dedicated wheelchairs and held it.The “Double Micro” action claiming ceremony of Zhujiji Street.

The Tianhe District Science and Technology Credit Bureau will continue to organize and mobilize the “two new organizations” of science and technology enterprises to carry out practical activities around the theme of “I do practical things for the masses”, continuously improve the quality of serving the people, and strive to solve the difficulties of practical existence for the masses.The masses do practical things to further enhance the sense of gain and happiness of the masses.

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