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39 Health Network and the 65th National Drug Fair fully show China’s first health portal style

In order to promote the exchanges and interactions of my country’s pharmaceutical industry and accelerate the pace of the healthy and rapid development of my country’s pharmaceutical circulation industry, the 65th National Pharmaceutical Fair hosted by the National Pharmaceutical Exhibition will be in Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition from April 21st to 23rd, 2011 from April 21st to 23rd, 2011 The center was successfully held.39 Health Network, as an important partner of the State Medicine Exhibition, tracked and reported the whole process and was fully displayed. It showed the style of China’s first health portal website in front of many national ministries and commissions, association leaders, and nearly 2,000 pharmaceutical companies participating in the exhibition.Essence

The exhibition area of this exhibition reaches 60,000 square meters and the number of booths is about 3200, which has attracted more than 2,000 companies from the national pharmaceutical industry to participate in the exhibition.Among them are leading pharmaceutical companies in the country, including China Pharmaceutical Group, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group, China Resources North Pharmaceutical, North China Pharmaceutical Group, Stone Pharmaceutical Group, Northeast Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, etc.It has also attracted many well -known local companies to participate, such as Tai Chi Group, Shuzhong Pharmaceutical, Sichuan Pharmaceutical Preparation Co., Ltd., Sichuan New Lotus Traditional Chinese Medicine Drinking Co., Ltd.Sichuan Shenghe Pharmaceutical, Sichuan Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical, Sichuan Meidang Pharmaceutical Group, etc.The 39 Health Network given to the event, the brand image is reflected in the conference magazines, exhibition newspapers, visiting guidelines, and forum backgrounds, so that the authoritative leaders of the pharmaceutical industry and well -known entrepreneurs, industry guests and audiences to witness 39 Health 39 HealthThe network spares no effort in promoting the development of the pharmaceutical industry.

39 Health Network and the 65th National Drug Fair fully show China's first health portal style

39 Health Network and the 65th National Drug Fair fully show China's first health portal style

The news room in the exhibition hall

39 Health Network Editor is at the scene:

39 Health Network and the 65th National Drug Fair fully show China's first health portal style

39 Health Network and the 65th National Drug Fair fully show China's first health portal style

The topics and articles are completed as follows: the report is as follows:

Topic of the 65th Medicine Fair:

Complete the press release 17 articles:

The largest “Medicine Session” in China will open in Chengdu

Niu Zhenggan: The new doctor changed into a “bidding, tossing the price of the medicine”

Qian Rongfu: Enterprise development should strengthen the attention of national medical reform

Zhang Hua: The development of new medicines continues the “three highs” in China. China is developing a good time.

Yu Xiong: The international giant patent expires is exactly the time for domestic pharmaceutical companies to break through a good time

Wang Yan: The pioneering and pharmaceutical market should let the preparation go abroad

Zhu Kangqin: Is the preparation export trap or pie?

The 65th pharmaceutical trade conference smoothly closed the museum exhibition tidbits attracted attention

Shenzhen Hanyu Pharmaceutical Liu Yu: Five major changes may occur in the drug agency system

Hu Xiang: County -level public hospitals will Cheng Cheng’s “Xiangxiang” in the pharmaceutical industry

Interview with Huareta Pharmaceutical: Pharmaceutical companies are indirect beneficiaries in the reform of public hospitals

Yurui Pharmaceutical Yin Xiuzhen: Grasp the opportunity for the new medical reform to change the pharmaceutical market

Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Jiwei Qun: The company expressed helplessly about the price reduction of drugs

Tianjin Pharmaceutical Zhao Lusheng: The quality of Chinese medicine is more terrible than the price increase of Chinese medicinal materials

Wang Zhibang, chairman of Baker Pharmaceutical: New version of GMP promotes pharmaceutical companies to connect with international standards

The 19th China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Marketing Summit Forum is successfully held

Experts call on the social responsibility of drug safety to assume drug safety thanks to the editorial department Yao Qi, Chen Mengji, and Yao Qing for their support and cooperation with the event.Done successfully.

(Editor in charge: Song Xue)

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