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4 blood type babies 4 education methods do not know if you do n’t know!

On the Internet, there is a click rate of experimental video called “Different Baby Babies when the vase is broken.” Important vases, the reaction of babies of different blood types is really different.

Among them, the baby A baby was stunned when he saw that the vase was broken, and the response was very sensitive, and he immediately ran to find a teacher to report; the babies B were even more happy to see the vase broken. Help the teacher to deceive the teacher; the baby -type baby is even more calm, watching the broken glass quietly, a pair of “have nothing to do with me”; the type O baby immediately pointed out who broke the vase when he returned. Native

It seems that the personality of babies of different blood types is really different. So what kind of personality characteristics do these different blood type babies have? For babies of different blood types, how should parents do the correct education?

In fact, there is no scientific verification on whether the blood type has influenced the character formation of the baby, but the character of the four types of blood types has the character of these four typical representatives. Those a large -scale, choose a suitable way to get along with them for their personality, is it great?

Type A baby -stubborn and sensitive little angel

Type A baby keywords: sensitive stubborn alone lacks confidence

Type A baby is very sensitive and is a group of sensitive little angels. Most of them are very timid. They often hide behind their mother, dare not say anything, carefully observe the surrounding dynamics, do not like to be in complex interpersonal relationships, and prefer to do what they want to do alone.

Type A babies lack self -confidence, and a little frustration and blow will lose self -confidence. Another major characteristic of their love is that they are very sensitive to the evaluations given by strangers, so he will try to please others to avoid annoying. Therefore, in the type A baby circle, the behaviors and performances of babies are rarely found in the rails. Most of them are regular, giving people a sense of childishness, and they have the characteristics of their own subjective wishes.

Personal display 1: A baby is a bit slow to do things. Maybe they believe in the principle of “slow work and work”, or do things slowly to make them look more elegant.

Parenting: When Baby A is doing things, parents can give them the courage to achieve success. At home, parents should let babies A to complete certain things independently, but they interfere too much. The most important thing is to help them establish self -confidence. The most effective way is to “praise”. The principle of punishment is that he must not hurt his feelings.

Personal display 2: Baby A is a shy baby. Because of lack of self -confidence and fear of being rejected, he always keeps wary about knowing new friends.

Parenting: Parents can create a good social environment for babies, and they can take them to participate in various gatherings. If you make an appointment with a child to go out and play with another child again, your parents may wish to give appropriate hints: “Isn’t it better for everyone to play?”

Personal display 3: Although type A babies are shy, self -esteem is super strong. When his parents count him under the public, or compare his shortcomings with the advantages of other children, their little heart will be broken. At this time, the baby A’s relationship is the most injured.

Parenting: When the baby has any mistakes, the best way to deal with parents should be patient and kindly reasonable.

Personal display 4: The biggest advantage of babies is cautious, careful, and rules (now you know why they are so slowly swallowing).

Parenting: Parents can choose games or toys in combination with the characteristics of their children, but they may wish to take them out of the house, know the world outside, and make new friends.

The biggest advantage of type A baby is far -sighted: the biggest advantage of type A baby is cautious, careful, and rules, so they can learn the director in science and engineering. In addition, they are also suitable for doing some strong work, such as teachers, scholars, engineers, etc.

Type B baby -naive and sensual Lotte School

Type B baby keywords: optimism, refreshing impulse to do whatever you want

If a type A baby is a cup of warm and gentle, then the B baby is like a cup of cola, and there are countless small bubbles in it beating at all times.

On the surface, there are two different types of babies B. One is as lively and cheerful as the baby O -type baby, and the other is shy. This difference is expressed after school. From the survey report, there are obvious differences between type B babies than other blood type babies. They are lively and cheerful and timid. One clear.

Generally speaking, type B babies are optimistic and enlightened, and they are particularly refreshing. They are typical Lotte. They are always leisurely, but they are easy to be impulsive and easy to do with their hearts. They are also very sensitive to changes in the surrounding environment. They love to pay attention to the face of others, but do not care about the evaluation and views of themselves, and sometimes bring time and energy waste.

If you think that type B children are wrong with everyone. In fact, they have a sense of distance to people and are unwilling to participate in collective activities. They are also very sensitive to changes in the surrounding environment, and they will observe the face of others, but do not care about the evaluation and views of themselves.

Personal display 1: Although type B babies are Lotte children, there are still gaps with others, and they often do not have a cold for collective activities. Parenting: Parents should be centered on the family, gradually expand the scope of the interaction of the baby, and extensively come into contact with various people. Let them go to kindergarten with their children, go home together, play together, and gradually cultivate their spirit of actively participating in group activities.

Personality display 2: Type B baby lacks patience, stability and durability. Maybe this second is interested in the car. The next second will think that the method will play a small plane, and the next second will have other ghost dots.

Parenting: Moms and dads may wish to let babies B understand the general rules and common sense in the society, and it is the most important thing to cultivate their perseverance.

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Personal display 3: Perhaps because of optimism, Baby B has a characteristic of “good self -feel”, which is easy to expand by a little praise.

Parenting: Parents should tell them the reasons when they exaggerate the babies B, and then reward them, avoid excessive and blindly praised. You might as well reach out when he praises him, or stick to his face with his cheek. The best way to blame the B -type baby is straightforward.

The future of type B babies: The advantages of children in Type B are cheerful and active thinking, so they are the most ideal to engage in work with strong art.

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