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4 kinds of vegetables have been included in the “carcinogenic list”, and eating too much will cause cancer?These really have to eat less

Aunt Wang, the neighbor’s house, recently read an article on the Internet saying: 4 kinds of vegetables have been included in the carcinogenic list. Eating too much will cause cancer.After all, these vegetables such as baby vegetables, fungus, and zucchini mentioned in the article are all vegetables that are usually eaten. Is these really carcinogenic?



1. Will these 4 kinds of vegetables be carcinogenic when eating too much?

The nutrition of vegetables is one of the most common foods in people’s daily diet. However, there were articles on the label of carcinogenic vegetables such as dolls and fungus. Will these vegetables really carcinogenically?

1. Doll vegetables

In order to ensure the selling of dolls on the market, some merchants on the market will be soaked with formaldehyde. Eating more dolls will cause cancer.First of all, formaldehyde is identified as human carcinogen by the National Poison Science program, but the baby dishes purchased by general channels will not contain formaldehyde.

Even if the formaldehyde is dipped before the packaging, the formaldehyde is almost volatile in the process of transportation, sale, storage, and cooking.Therefore, even dolls containing formaldehyde are usually not poisoned when they eat it.

2. Cucumber

According to the Internet, cucumbers have hormones, so the longer the larger, the hormone will harm the human body.

In fact, in terms of cost, this possibility is not much; the other is that cucumber is allowed to use 10 growth regulators including gibbererin.However, these plant hormones are volatile and low toxicity. Basically, there will be not too many residues after spraying, dipping and other operations.

At present, no research has shown that these plant hormones have side effects on the human body.

3, bracken

The carcinogenic carcinogen circulated on the Internet is mainly related to the primary fernidin ingredients. The World Health Organization lists the primary fernidin as 2B of carcinogen.

However, in fact, the traditional production of bracken in our country needs to be simmered, heated cooking, etc. The primary fernine has been destroyed, and the carcinogenicity is also very low, so there is no need to worry too much.

4, zucchini

It is rumored that the zucchini is fried at high temperature, which will produce carcinogenic acrylamide. In fact, carcinogens are not in the zucchini, but during the cooking process of food.

High -temperature cooking of other foods may also produce acrylamide. Just remember to cook food, the temperature should not be too high.

2. If you want to prevent cancer, you can not touch these 4 kinds of food without touching it.

Those who are truly carcinogenally are these foods. If you want to prevent cancer, it is best not to touch these foods.

1. Mold -changing food

Mold -changing foods will produce a type of carcinogenylinylin toxin. This material is very toxic and increases the risk of liver cancer.

2. Chinese salted fish

Most Chinese salted fish are marinated with high concentrations of salt, which may produce nitrosamine compounds. These substances have carcinogenicity.

3. Betel nut

Betel nuts are a type of carcinogen. Chewing betel nut for a long time may induce oral diseases and may induce oral cancer.

4, wine

Those who often drink a lot of alcohol are easy to be seen by diseases such as liver cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer. It is recommended to quit alcohol or restrict drinking as soon as possible.

Third, eat vegetables, be sure to remember these

When you eat vegetables, you must pay attention not to buy rotten vegetables cheaply as much as possible. It is best to eat it completely and then eat it. It is best to simmer the water if it is cold.

If you buy vegetables, it is recommended to go to a regular commercial super or vegetable market to buy vegetables.In addition, pay attention to ensuring the diversity of vegetable intake in diet.

Diet is important for human health. Usually eat less mildew foods, Chinese salted fish and other possible carcinogenic foods, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.When buying vegetables, try to choose regular channels, and don’t be greedy for cheap vegetables.

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