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4 major factors that make newborns hiccup

Usually every newborn can be shot, but it is not every time that parents can shoot. In fact, it is affected by many factors after drinking milk. The factors that affect new babies snoring are the following:

1. Drink milk amount

Each baby has a different appetite and different eating amount. Sometimes the baby is not snoring because the baby is not full, or it may be because of drinking too much milk. Exclude it. In fact, when the mother can feed the baby halfway, she will help the baby to slap, and then continue to feed the remaining milk; if the baby still does not snoring, you don’t have to keep shooting. Just rise and discharge.

2. How much does the air inhale

Sometimes when the baby does not inhale a lot of air, it may not necessarily be shot. For artificially fed babies, the amount of air inhalation is related to the design of the pacifier and the size of the pacifier. The relationship, such as whether the milk is full of the whole pacifier. Breastfeeding babies are less likely to inhale too much air, because the baby’s mouth and the mother’s nipples and areolas form a vacuum adsorption. The air is not easy to enter the baby’s mouth, so it is not necessary to slap when breastfeeding. If the parents are not assured, they can still help the baby. If they do not shoot, the mother should try to lie on the right side for half an hour and lie flat.

3. Formula

Usually eating formula milk is more likely to produce gas. The molecular size of the formula milk and whether they are easy to digest these affect the snoring of the baby. When parents feed the milk, the babies almost hold their parents tightly. Therefore, parents are best to help the babies who drink formula milk.

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4. Physical constitution

As long as the baby sucks the air when drinking milk, the general babies will snoring, but some babies seem to be more likely to snoring. This is the baby’s personal physical fitness problem, which is related to gastrointestinal absorption.

(Editor in charge: Jiang Rong)

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