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4 small things can cause newborns to suffocate

Babies who are still in the cricket are unable to speak in crisis, so parents need to be careful when taking care. In showing life, many newborns suffocated because parents ignored some small details.

Sleep on the sofa on your stomach

Some parents believe that letting babies sleep on their stomachs is more solid, so they sit on the sofa and watch TV, let the baby lie on the sofa around them. As everyone knows, one -eighth case of cases of sudden death syndrome are sofa.


A survey by researchers in Kansas City Children’s Hospital shows that among the total number of sudden infant deaths in 24 state in the United States, the proportion of suffocation on the sofa is the highest, which is higher than the sudden death of cribs, cradles and ordinary beds. Studies have found that a considerable proportion of parents are accustomed to letting their children sleep on their stomachs, or in a crib, or on the sofa. Some parents think that children can sleep more solidly on their stomachs. Some parents are aware of the risk of suffocation, but they think that some parents have no problem with care, but in fact, some parents are asleep, and some parents can not detect their infants. Essence In particular, sleeping on the sofa is higher, and the soft sofa pad can suffocate the baby to death in a short time.

This study was published in the latest issue of the Pediatrics. The final suggestion is that whether it is nap or night sleep, the baby should be allowed to go up facing up, sleep alone, without the pillow, sleep on a large and solid plane.

Brewing a candle bag for your baby

We feel that playing with a candle bag will keep them from kicking, which can help keep warm, but this will affect the child’s normal development. If the child is restrained when he sleeps, the activity of the limbs will be restricted, and the blood flow of the body will become unstoppable, making the child’s limbs not flexible enough. In addition, the candle bag will also affect the child’s nerve development, especially the limbs, which will seriously cause poor breathing, affect the development of the lungs, and even cause the baby to suffocate.

Let your baby sleep with your parents

The British media reported that in most cases of suffocation of infants, because they slept with their parents on a bed or because they were shared with other infants.

As a result, experts suggest that parents must prepare specialized single cribs for their babies, so that the baby should not let the baby share a bed with others. In addition, the bed should only be paved with the mattress and its supporting sheets to place the necessary bedding. Do not turn the crib into a “locker”. Do not store items such as plush toys, blankets, bedding, bed dumplings, etc. in the crib that may cover the baby’s mouth and nose.

It is reported that from 2000 to 2010, 640 babies died of sudden sleep asphyxia; 221 babies in the UK died of sleep suffix in 2012 alone.

Related knowledge: Safety prevention tips

1. Let your baby cover a thick and relaxed quilt alone in his small bed. Do not sleep with your mother a quilt. When the indoor is humid and cold, you can choose an electric heater.

2. For babies who often vomit milk, gently pat his back after feeding, wait for the air in the stomach to discharge, and then put him on a comfortable crib. After the baby sleeps, the mother will guard for a while.

3. It is best to sit up at the baby at night, feed it in a sober state, and then wait for the baby to sleep with peace of mind.

4. Do not wear plastic babies for babies who often vomit milk, because it is easy to roll up the baby’s mouth and nose.

5. When feeding your baby, do not let him drink.

6. When the weather is cold, when the baby goes out, while wrapping the baby’s strictness, you must remember to leave an outlet.

7. Make your mother do not walk away when the baby is lying down. Check whether the baby vomits is vomiting? How to breathe? Is there something that is impossible to block the baby’s nose? When something goes away, you must turn your baby over.

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