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4 symptoms of the body may be alarm signal for gastric cancer, pay more attention

Failure for art test, divorce, cancer, and quarreling with daughter …



The life of actor Yue Hong is always so twists and turns. Now she is sixty years old. The young Yue Hongying is unique in the film and television industry in the 1980s. Today, Yue Hong is still glory.Essence

4 symptoms of the body may be alarm signal for gastric cancer, pay more attention

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First, 40 -year -old cancer, the bitterness behind Yue Hong behind Yue Hong

For the first time, Yue Hong entered the national audience’s vision. In the Spring Festival Gala of 1984, she was still studying in her senior sketch “Girls selling peanuts” and received a lot of praise.After three years of graduation of Chinese opera, she won the three major supporting actresses of the Golden Phoenix Award, the best actress of the sixth Golden Rooster Award, and the best supporting actress of “Little Baihua”.

When it was popular, Yue Hong was unexpectedly married. Soon after, at the age of 28, she divorced her husband when her daughter Koala was 5 months old, becoming a list of mothers.In order to make money to support her family, Yue Hong worked outside for a long time. At the most exaggerated time, she filmed more than 90 TV series a year and only saw her daughter twice.The long -term separation has made the parent -child relationship nervous, and the 12 -year -old Koala began to avoid his mother.

The fatigue of long -term work, irregular diet, and tension of parent -child relationships make her body overwhelmed.In 2002, Yue Hong went to the hospital for inspection and found that she was actually gastric cancer. This pair was only 40 years old like a thunderbolt.

“Don’t look at my mouth saying that it’s okay, in fact, I am very scared. I have to live. I still have a lot of life without experience, my daughter is too young, so I can’t let my parents watch me first.I have to cooperate with the doctor. “Yue Hong concealed everyone except his mother and ate his favorite cuisine and performed surgery.

Fortunately, it was found that Yue Hong only removed four -fifths of stomach and did not need chemotherapy.She actively faced life after surgery, and her relationship with her daughter gradually eased intimate.

4 symptoms of the body may be alarm signal for gastric cancer, pay more attention

2. There is no recurrence for 20 years of anti -cancer. These anti -cancer experiences are worth learning

Today, Yue Hong is sixty years old. He has not recurred for 20 years of anti -cancer. He is still pursuing his dream of acting.The success of anti -cancer is not accidental. It is inseparable from the self -discipline and belief of Yue Hong’s personal self -discipline. Her anti -cancer experience value is also worth learning.

1. Believe in science and actively cooperate with doctors for treatment.

Although the diagnosis notice gave Yue Hong a blow, she still chose to face it actively: “I can only face it, I must believe in science and actively cooperate with treatment.”

Many patients and family members often turn to the folk remedies when they face the helplessness brought by cancer and give up the treatment of modern medicine, but is these so -called remedies really effective?A study of Yale University revealed the facts for us: choosing an early cancer patient with alternative therapy (prescription) and abandoning standard treatment. The overall five -year mortality rate was 2.5 times that of similar patients who received standard treatment.

Dr. Skyler B. Johnson, a professor who hosted research, reminds everyone that the best treatment time for replacement therapy with no verified alternatives wasted, which wast the best treatment time, so that the cancer that could be eliminated was worsening into irreversible advanced cancer.

4 symptoms of the body may be alarm signal for gastric cancer, pay more attention

2. Tell yourself “I’m healthy, happy”

Yue Hong admits that making herself happy is the secret to defeating cancer. She said to herself every day, “I am healthy and happy.”

In fact, many patients will fall into anxiety, pain, and depression after learning the diagnosis of cancer.These psychological problems will in turn affect patients, including reducing quality of life, shortening survival, delaying recovery time, and destroying endocrine systems.

Yu Enyan, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Cancer Hospital of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out that in recent years, a systematic review of the depression and anxiety about cancer patients in recent years shows that there are 24% of the symptoms of anxiety in patients with cancer patients, and the incidence of depression is more than 50%, and the occurrence of depression will occur.Increase the mortality by 39%.On the contrary, positive self -suggestions will improve the symptoms and quality of life of patients, and even extend the survival period.

4 symptoms of the body may be alarm signal for gastric cancer, pay more attention

3. Divide the boundary between the spicy and adjust the diet

As a native of Chengdu, Yue Hong has always been spicy and unhappy, but after gastric cancer surgery, she scratched the boundary with the spicy and chose grain porridge, vegetable soup, etc. to develop the habit of a light diet.

This is particularly important for gastric cancer prevention. High -salt, high -fat, high cholesterol, irregular dining, overeating and other eating habits will corrode gastric mucosa, destroy barrier, stimulate the secretion of bile acid and cholesterol, and induce digestive tract tumors.

4 symptoms of the body may be alarm signal for gastric cancer, pay more attention

4. Walk more and exercise anti -cancer

In addition to positive self -suggestions and adjusting diet, “walking more” is also the secret of Yue Hong’s anti -cancer.In 2018, a round table organized by the American Academy of Sports Medical School pointed out that exercise can reduce the risk of cancer in adults, help increase the survival rate of cancer patients, and improve the negative emotional psychological problems produced by patients.

In February 2022, another study in “International Cancer Magazine” shows that when the human body adheres to medium-intensity aerobic exercise for a long time, more anticancer elements will be released in the body, such as Baisuke-6. These molecules can promote DNA repair.Slow down cancer cell growth.

4 symptoms of the body may be alarm signal for gastric cancer, pay more attention

3. The earlier the gastric cancer, the greater the probability of survival. Pay attention to these symptoms

Early early treatment is the key to the success of Yue Hong’s anti -cancer. Generally, the 5 -year survival rate of early gastric cancer can reach 90%, and the 5 -year survival rate of advanced gastric cancer is less than 10%. Therefore, early prevention and treatment is worthy of attention.

So what are the early symptoms of gastric cancer?Pay attention when these symptoms appear:

1. Bloating, diarrhea.Stomach cancer makes the stomach insufficient space, makes people feel bloating, and disturb the intestinal movement.2. Abdominal pain.Continuous pain in the stomach, faint pain.

3. Decreased appetite.I feel hungry while eating, but I do n’t want to eat after a few mouthfuls, or I have symptoms of fullness and anorexia after eating.

4. Black stool.Gastric cancer has symptoms of bleeding in the early days. If the stool is blood, it is brown -red or black, it needs to be paid attention. Go to the hospital for gastroscopy or feces blood test.

In recent years, there are about 400,000 new gastric cancer patients in my country in recent years. Early early treatment is the key to improving the survival rate. It is recommended that adults perform gastroscopy every three years.Patients with cancer should actively cooperate with treatment, maintain a happy mood, stay away from bad eating habits, exercise more, and gradually improve their body and life.

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