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44 years old is a man!There are 4 signs of the body, indicating that your body is overdrawn

The World Health Organization announced that about 35%of people around the world are in sub -health, of which middle -aged men account for 75%.

Men who do not pay attention to health paid for this. 80%of China’s seriously ill men acknowledged that due to long -term neglect of small health problems, the body repeatedly overdrawn.


The 44 -year -old is a man’s life warning line, reminding you to “cherish life”!

Relevant surveys show that the 44 -year -old man’s heart, spleen, liver, kidney, and lung dysplasia has a peak of dysfunction, and the value is 17.1%, 19.2%, 24.6%, 25.1%, and 18.5%. %, The fastest decline in immunity, 50%of the most vigorous period, clinically proved that around 44 is a period of high incidence of men’s diseases.

Relevant data shows that about 1 million men in the country have heart disease each year, of which 12%are men under 44 years old.

Although the age of 44 is still the age of hard work, men should not forget to remind themselves: “Money is valuable and healthy is higher.” Don’t make money with your life when you are young, and continue your life when you are old.


4 signs, indicating that your body is overdrawn

The body is like a precision instrument. If there is something wrong with it, the machine may cause the machine to collapse. In the following 4 points, see if your body is being hollowed out.

1. The urine line is fine and weak

In the 21st century, male diseases are threatening men’s health at a rate of 3%per year. Among them, prostate disease is the earliest signal for men’s body overdraft.

If you have an embarrassing situation of frequent urination, urgency, pain, dysuria, weakness, and inexhaustible urine during urination, please do not doubt that this is the prostate that is issuing an alert to you.

2. Gas a bit of drying and panting

With the overdraft of the body, men will lament that their bodies are not as good as before, exercise is not flexible before, and heavy objects are struggling. The feeling of being hollowed out.


3. The hair fell severely

The survey showed that as early as 2008, 60%of men around the world started hair loss before the age of 25, and 83.9%of the hair loss before the age of 30.

If one day suddenly finds that the hair falls more than ever, it becomes thinner or even bald, then you should pay attention, this is a manifestation of the body’s accelerated overdraft.

4. Constipulate constipation across three differences

With the increase of age, the human body’s metabolism slows down, gastrointestinal motility becomes slow, and the intestinal water decreases. It is prone to constipation. If you do not pay attention at this time, you will worsen. Constipation is not a trivial matter, and severe constipation will increase the risk of colorectal cancer.


Caring for men’s health, I will start by me

At the age of 44, 10 years around 44 years old, these three stages are the most important period for men to prevent diseases and prolong life. If you want your body not to fall, your career will go to the next level. The following 5 key points, men need to keep in mind.

—— Four moves to avoid the prostate “failure”

Drink plenty of water: dilute high concentration of urine to stimulate the prostate, promote urination to take away the secretions and reduce the risk of infection.

Do not urinate: Urine can fill the bladder filling and compress the prostate, causing poor blood flow, and easily causing inflammation.

Sitting shortly: The upper body weighs the prostate for a long time, causing poor blood flow and increasing the chance of disease.

Drink less: Under the stimulation of alcohol, the prostate is susceptible to congestion. In the long run, it will increase the chance of illness.

——The nutrition should pay attention to zinc supplement

Women want to supplement the iron, and men must supplement zinc. Zinc is an essential nutrient for synthetic male hormones.

The “Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents” recommends that men aged 18 to 50, which takes 15mg of zinc daily, and the first shell containing zinc -rich foods. Among them, oysters are recognized zinc supplement. It is milk, pork liver, beef, shrimp skin.

——The key attack on the waist and abdomen in exercise

Abdominal muscles are the core muscle group of the body and an important part of maintaining physical stability, so men with strong abdominal muscles will not be too bad. Rolling belly, flat support, rolling wheels, and squats are all exercise of strengthening abdominal muscle exercise.

—— Psychological school will talk properly

Because of the affection, many men suffer from “hidden depression”. In fact, the proper crying and talking are the “pressure reduction valve” that vent their emotions. Men cry, it’s not a big deal.

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