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5 liver hardening misunderstandings, you have to know

Speaking of liver cirrhosis, many people say that liver cirrhosis is a fast ticket to liver cancer. Many people are afraid when they hear “liver cirrhosis”. Hepatitis cirrhosis is a disease that has a long course of disease and is not easy to treat, which is very harmful to patients’ health.

If you find that you suffer from liver cirrhosis, you must treat it in time. Many people have a lot of misunderstandings about liver cirrhosis because of their unknown and fearful psychology. Let’s take a look at everyone today.

Misunderstanding 1: Liver cirrhosis will definitely develop into liver cancer

Hepatitis cirrhosis does not control treatment, and the advanced liver cirrhosis may indeed develop into liver cancer. However, early liver cirrhosis can be reversed. Scientific treatment can control the disease, which can greatly reduce the chance of transforming liver cirrhosis into liver cancer.

Misunderstanding 2: Liver cirrhosis is terminal illness

Liver cirrhosis is a very serious liver disease, which may lead to a variety of complications, which can seriously cause patients to die. This also indirectly leads to some people who think that hepatic cirrhosis is terminally ill. Patients with cirrhosis are also worried about how long they can live, and they are afraid that liver cirrhosis will drag themselves down.

Liver cirrhosis is not terminally ill, timely treatment can be controlled and reversed. Once the liver cirrhosis, how long can I live to see the time and whether there is timely treatment.

Misunderstanding 3: Hepatitis will definitely develop into liver cirrhosis

In fact, hepatitis does not necessarily develop into cirrhosis. The formation of liver cirrhosis itself is a process of chronic damage. It has accumulated damage step by step for a long time, and eventually develops into liver cirrhosis. Early discovery of related liver diseases can be treated as soon as possible, which can minimize liver damage. Hepatitis does not necessarily develop into liver cirrhosis.

Misunderstanding 4: Patients with liver cirrhosis occasionally drinking is okay

It is recommended that patients with cirrhosis quit drinking. Drinking alcohol patients with cirrhosis can lead to aggravation of liver cirrhosis, severe cause of primary peritonitis, rupture and bleeding in the esophageal stomach veins, etc., and may even cause liver cancer. For their health, patients with cirrhosis must quit alcohol.

Misunderstanding 5: High -end liver hardness is liver cirrhosis

High liver hardness value does not necessarily mean “hardening” liver. The success rate of instant elasticity detection and determination of liver is affected by various factors such as obesity, intercostal gaps, etc., and its determination value is also affected by liver fat degeneration, inflammatory necrosis, and bile stasis.

After reading these 5 liver hardening misunderstandings, everyone must have a little more understanding of liver cirrhosis. Discover liver cirrhosis, you must treat it in time, don’t drag more diseases.

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