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5 methods for the elderly to live for 22 years

The US Dr. Network Medicine website summarizes the latest longevity research and finds that through the following five simple methods, it can extend the life expectancy for 22 years.

1. Italian scientists find that if you eat at least one raw vegetable every day, it can extend his life span by 2 years.

2. Scientists at the University of Alabama found that if the BMI (height and weight index) is always between 25 and 35, it will shorten the life expectancy by 3 years. So if you overweight, you must exercise. Studies have shown that those who are used to sit at least three times a week.

3. Scientists at the University of Lomata in the United States have tracked records of the living habits of a group of long -lived people and found that those who eat nuts 5 times a week can live for nearly 3 years.

4. Australian scientists have studied a group of 70 -year -olds and found that those who have a wide range of people with a wide range of people have increased their lives correspondingly, an average increase of 7 years.

5. Scientists at Yale University in the United States have found that compared with those elderly people who are worried about the deterioration of their health, the elderly who are optimistic about the process of aging can live for 7 years.

(Intern editor: Zhu Dongman)

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