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5 tricks to let the baby do “storytelling king”

Case: The mother bought a villain book for one and a half years old, the title was “Sang Bu”. One day, the mother told the storyline of the villain’s book to several other friends: “There is a boy named Sangbu. On his birthday, others gave him a lot of gifts. On the way home, he met A fierce beast took away all his gifts. Sang Bu cried back home, and after some comfort of his parents, not crying, sitting happily in front of the beautiful table for dinner. “The mother’s voice just fell down The son suddenly said, “No, he cried!” Then he pointed at the villain’s book to his mother. It turned out that it was the decorative painting of the back cover, and the cried mulberry was drawn above.

Comments: The above is a case given by the well -known educator Mengtai Sulharsi, which shows that the feelings and understanding of things in babies and adults are different. This will be obvious when adults told the children to tell the children. Therefore, when parents talk about the babies, they should pay attention to skills, and slowly mention his interest, so that he loves to read.

Familiar with the storyline in advance

The experience of reading the text when going to school tells us that in the simple text, there will be errors in terms of words, sentences, stress, and coherents in the first reading. These errors will definitely directly affect your little listener’s understanding of the story. Therefore, the mother should read it through the story before telling the story, character characteristics, language style, etc. to better complete reading aloud.

Reading with enthusiasm

If you want your child to be interested in reading, parents must first show the state of music. This will allow children to learn from you by imitation and be infected by your emotions. Relative to logical words, image memory, and motion memory, this emotional memory is more long -lasting and profound for children. Therefore, in the process of reading for parent -child, parents’ enthusiasm can better stimulate their children’s interest in reading.

Draw the page with your fingers

Generally speaking, good fairy tale books include three clues: text describes clues, pictures, clues, text and pictures. Therefore, carefully observing the picture can help children understand the relevant content, and cultivate his observation, imagination, and the ability to understand the symbols of the picture. Therefore, when reading aloud, if you want your child to pay attention to the part of your fingers, you can help your child understand the complementary and interaction of the picture and the text, and pay attention to the unique small details.

Change the expression according to the plot

It is very important to read the story with a lustfulness. You can show changes in the characters and circumstances in the story with the height of the tone, the size of the sound, the thickness of the sound, the thickness of the lust, and the angry or happy tone. You can also simulate the movements and gestures of the characters in the story, so that the story can be more vivid, so as to stimulate the child to maintain attention. In addition, when reading aloud, control the speed so that children have time to understand and absorb.

Interpret it in time in time

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Reading to children is to let him contact a rich written language, but understanding the written language requires a certain process. Parents can subconsciously explain in verbal language or semi -written language. For example, “stupid idea” is a very stupid idea. Then Not a good idea.

In daily life, those read words are often consciously used to help children understand and remember written words. After reading aloud, you can also summarize and summarize the general content of the story with your children, which is good for children to accumulate reading experience.

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