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5 tricks to prevent red fart Novice mother learn

The hip is mainly caused by the long -term hip and stimulated by urine. Therefore, the most important measure to prevent the disease is to maintain the dryness and cleaning here.

When mild diaper rash, the skin is a bit red. Just pay attention to cleaning the hips and keep the hips dry. After 3-4 days, the skin will disappear. However, the diaper rash will be painful and itchy at seriousness, causing the baby to cry often, unwilling to eat, and unwavering sleep, which will affect the growth and development speed.

Severe diapers can cause skin erosion, pimples, peeling, and even further develop into larger epidermal ulcers and ulcers. Because the baby’s resistance is not strong enough, any damage to the skin can become a source of infection, and severe cases will cause sepsis.

Therefore, the most important thing for diapers is prevention. In life, as long as the prevention work is done, diaper rash can be avoided. The following are the five main points to prevent diaper rash:

1. Keep fart dry and clean. After wetness or soaring, use warm water and cotton soft towels to completely clean the small farts. Do not wipe it back and forth.

2. Wear loose clothes to loosen the baby’s diapers, or wear a slightly larger diapers to make the air more circulating.

3. Use probiotic preparations to add probiotic BB-12 preparations suitable for babies to eat in daily diet to prevent the occurrence of red butt.

4. Add only one supplementary food once at a time and add only one new supplementary food. Separate adding is conducive to mothers to judge the baby’s allergic food.

5. Use a mild solution baby to sweat in summer. You can use no aromatic ingredients and mild solution to take a bath for the baby to avoid chemical allergic reactions.

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