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53 -year -old daughter -in -law gave birth to a healthy baby girl

On January 10, Ms. Liu, a 53 -year -old mother, successfully gave birth to the next baby girl at Anzhen Hospital. The mother and daughter were in good condition and were expected to be discharged a week later. After the 10 -year -old son’s accident 8 years ago, Ms. Liu and his wife insisted on exercise and started unremitting efforts for the birth of new life.

According to Ms. Liu, she lives in Haidian, her husband is 56 years old. Earlier, the husband and wife had a son in life, but he suddenly suffered from cerebrovascular malformations at the age of 10 in 2002 and died unfortunately. “In just 2 hours, people are gone.” The couple lived in pain for a long time. After the sorrow, the two decided to regenerate one. Although the friends around them encourage them to support one, “asking for another child” is the common wish of the couple.

Over the years, Ms. Liu and her husband have been working hard. Ms. Liu told reporters that in order to increase the hormones of the human body, the couple have been performing muscle exercise in the gym for a long time. They pay attention to diet conditioning, mainly bean fat foods. In the first half of last year, Ms. Liu was pregnant smoothly.

Three months before pregnancy, Ms. Liu did not even dare to go out. Due to hypertension during pregnancy, it belongs to an elderly high -dangerous mother -in -law. At the beginning of the archives, I was rejected by many hospitals. “Fortunately, the obstetrics and gynecology department of Anzhen Hospital built a file for me to help me produce. I really thank them. “Wang Hui, deputy director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Anzhen Hospital, introduced that Ms. Liu came to the hospital in the hospital at 13 weeks of pregnancy. According to the hospital’s regulations, the establishment of the file has been passed, but considering the particularity of Ms. Liu’s condition, Anzhen Hospital immediately received Liu Liu. Ms., “Ms. Liu’s situation is very moving and sympathetic. We also believe that the hospital has the strength to help her.”

When Anzhen Hospital received Ms. Liu, she called the child in her belly as “precious child”. The “precious child” was born smoothly, and Ms. Liu’s couple and obstetrics and gynecologists were “excited.” Director Wang analyzed that before and after Ms. Liu’s cesarean section, due to the decline in physical function of the elderly, the stress state adaptation ability in pregnancy and surgery was poor, and obstetrics and gynecological medical staff made prediction and prevention measures for targetedness.

Yesterday, the reporter met Ms. Liu and “precious children” at the obstetrics and gynecology ward of Anzhen Hospital. This is the third day after Ms. Liu’s delivery, she can eat normally. The “precious child” is 50cm in length and weighs about 3800g, everything is normal. After the family members of the pregnant woman in the same ward knew the experience of Ms. Liu, she praised her. “She is the most courageous and greatest mother I have ever seen.”

According to normal, pregnant women with caesarean section can be discharged in about 5 days after surgery. The obstetrics and gynecology department of Anzhen Hospital stated that they would stay for Ms. Liu for two more days, and they would do a stop drug on Ms. Liu for the last two days. If Ms. Liu’s hypertension and urine protein are controlled, the hospital will arrange her discharge.

(Editor in charge: Teng Xiaolan)

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