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530,000 children in China are “precocious puberty”. Parents pay attention to 4 things. Don’t let children “ripen” prematurely

Menstruation at the age of 4, 5 years old and menopause … her childhood was destroyed.

Childhood should have been innocent and full of laughter, but she endured the pain that childhood should not bear.

Her name is Emily, a British girl, only 3.6kg at birth, and her parents once worried that she was too light. But then she grew up very fast, and the highest record was 4cm taller in 7 days. Mom felt that the situation was wrong, and took her to the hospital for examination, but the doctor only said that it was normal.

In 4 months, Emily was almost the same as ordinary children. At that time, she had poor resistance and loved. At the age of 2, the family found that her chest began to develop gradually, and her body had a strong sense of appreciation.

Go to the hospital at a higher-level hospital to find that she suffers from central precocious puberty. Girls with the disease will develop before the age of 8, and the menstrual period will come early. Sure enough, the menstrual period of Emily at the age of 4 came …

In order to let her, like her ordinary children, asked her to receive hormone replacement therapy when she was 5 years old. This treatment was expensive and needed tens of thousands of yuan.

While treatment, she needs to withstand the side effects of her medicine. She entered the menopause in advance. Menopausal emotional fluctuations, physical discomfort, anxiety and insomnia and other symptoms were staged on a 5 -year -old child. Time discomfort.

At the age of 7, Emily had developed like a 17 -year -old girl. If it was not a real event, it would be difficult for people to believe that a 5 -year -old child had directly entered the menopause.

Premature sex, this original strange word has been reported in recent years. In fact, precocious puberty incidents not only occurred abroad, but not only a few examples of precocious puberty in my country, and data is worrying.

1. China’s 530,000 children are “premature sex”

According to the data released by the China Health Promotion and Education Association, the incidence of puberty in children in my country is 0.43%, and there are about 530,000 precocious children in the country.

Sexual puberty refers to the second sexual characteristics of a boy before the age of 9 and before the age of 8. Specifically, it is manifested by the increase in testicular testis and the development of girls’ breasts. Early maturity will have a great impact on children’s bodies.

The premature development will make children’s bones earlier earlier than their peers. Once they are closed, there is no room to grow taller, which means that they will be 1 to 2 years longer than their peers.

Premature precocations will also have a certain impact on children’s physiology. Premature sexual development can easily cause children to have inferiority, and severe psychological problems such as depression will even occur.

Second, children are premature sexual, soy milk and fried chicken are the “culprit”?

Regarding children’s precocious puberty, many parents blame them on some common foods in life. However, does these foods really cause childhood precocious puberty? Actually.

1. Soy milk

It is rumored that soy milk contains a large amount of soy isoflavones, which is a type of estrogen and can induce children to appear precocious. In fact, soy isoflavones are existing in many foods. Its structure is similar to the estrogen in our body. When the estrogen level in the body is low, it can play the role of estrogen. The role of anti -estrogen.

but! The soybeanoflavone in soy milk is actually very weak, and it will not have a large impact on the body, and it will not cause children to publish precocious puberty.

2. Honey

Honey contains hormones? Will children’s precocious puberty? This statement is also unscientific. The main component hormone in honey is sugar, accounting for more than 80%. In addition, there are dozens of percent of moisture. The proportion of other ingredients is very limited. Among the limited proportion, there are pollen, hormones, vitamins, and organic acids. The proportion of hormones is very low, and the hormones in honey are plant hormones, which has little impact on health.

3. Meat chicken, yellow croaker

Some people say that the growth rate of meat chickens and scutellaria crickets is caused by hormones. Children often eat these foods and can easily lead to premature precocations, especially fried chicken. In fact, the growth rate of these foods is mainly due to the modern cultivation technology, and there is no connection between hormones. Instead of giving animals, it will affect its normal growth and increase the death rate. No merchant will do this difficulty. What is pleased.

4. Reverse season fruits and vegetables, cooked fruits and vegetables

Many parents think that these two types of fruits are mature because of hormones. Children eat hormones after eating. In fact, it is not the same thing to push the plant hormone and the hormone acting on the human body. It is not the same thing from the molecular structure to the mechanism of action. precocious.


Third, precocious puberty is related to lifestyle, parents may need to reflect

In fact, there is a great connection between the occurrence of precocious puberty and some bad habits in life. Please pay attention to the majority of parents. If your child is still doing these things, please stop it in time. Blind the indulgence will only harm the child.

1. Love to eat fertilizer food

Modern people’s living conditions are generally better, and many children even have serious nutritional surplus. Daily consumption of high -calorie, high -fat foreign fast food, or a large number of meat, can easily lead to obesity, children’s overweight or obesity can be obese, they can be obese. Increase the risk of premature precocations. 2. Frequent contact with love books and periodicals

At the stage of high-speed development in the information age, many children can expose sexual information on the network platform on their own. Repeated stimulation of sexual consciousness can easily lead to early start of mound brain-pituitary and gland axis, which is easy to induce precocious puberty.

3. Frequent use of plastic tableware

A large number of plastic products are used to make children in large quantities of contact with bisphenol A, styrene, polyvinyl chloride and other substances. These substances may contain endocrine interference, and it is also easy to cause childhood precocious puberty. Parents should not buy toys and baby supplies made of using the above materials.

4. Mistake up drugs containing estrogen

Some children may have precocious puberty because of the accidental medication such as contraceptives containing estrogen. Parents must pay attention to this. The medicines must be placed and avoid being taken by children by mistake.


Fourth, premature precise precision, parents must pay attention to

The occurrence of precocious puberty will have a great impact on the health of children. Parents must pay attention to this. Do these things in daily life to avoid children’s puberty as much as possible.

1. Pay attention to diet and control weight

In children’s diet, try to focus on natural food, eat less precision, high -heat, and high -fat foods, control the weight of children within the normal range, and allow children to go outdoors to participate in exercise appropriately.

2. Avoid using adult cosmetics

Many adult cosmetics may add some hormone components, especially inferior three products. Children’s long -term use may cause precocious puberty.

3. Avoid contact with irritating information

Parents must not let children come into contact with some information that involves irritating, and pay more attention to children’s contact with electronic products to avoid children’s contact with love books.

4. Develop good sleep habits

High -quality sleep is beneficial to the secretion of growth hormones, it can also promote the production of melatonin, reduce the release of gonadotropic gonad hormones, and prevent precocious precocity.

Premature precocations will “destroy” children’s beautiful childhood, endanger their health, and even leave an indelible shadow for children. To guard the healthy growth of children, parents should pay more attention to their children’s development problems in their lives, and avoid incredible consequences of recovery due to their own negligence. Once they find that children have premature development, they should seek medical treatment in time.

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