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56 -year -old AIDS woman’s self -report: I have concealed my husband for 5 years, and my heart is painful but I am afraid of being abandoned

After infection with AIDS, some people confessed to their partners as soon as possible, but some people tried their best to conceal them.

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Some time ago, the news revealed that a Shanghai man concealed AIDS, and the pregnant wife was divorced. Finally, the court ruled the marriage relationship between the two.

This incident caused the uproar of public opinion, and the enthusiasm of netizens’ discussion was high, but after the hustle and bustle and lively, we might enter their hearts and understand their real life.

“Concealment” or “frank”, this is the knot of countless AIDS infected people.

1. After being frank with his wife, she accepted me

Liu Hao (a pseudonym), 45 years old, is the director of a company department. The family is happy and happy, and there is a cute couple.

Last year, his weight suddenly dropped from 110 pounds to 80 pounds, accompanied by fever, difficulty breathing, diarrhea and other symptoms. After checking it on the Internet, Liu Hao had a lot of money, so he went to the hospital for infection department for examination. The results of the inspection confirmed his conjecture: HIV -positive.

When he saw the result, the first reaction in his mind was: how to explain to his wife. After calming down, he decided to confess to his wife and be prepared to divorce. Surprisingly, Liu Hao was surprised that his wife accepted him and persuaded him to actively treat it.

Today, Liu Hao has taken medicine for a year, and his weight has gradually returned to the original level. When he gets busy with work, he will forget the identity of the AIDS infection, work hard, and strive to give his family better.

“Her tolerance is more effective than any medicine.” Liu Hao said gratefully.

2. I have concealed my husband for 5 years

The 56 -year -old Yang Xiu (pseudonym) has been diagnosed with HIV -positive for five years and is now taking antiviral drugs provided by the country for free every day.

Director of her attending doctor Shen Yinzhong said that Yang Xiu’s treatment effect was good, the virus level in the body was effectively controlled, and it was not detected. The possibility of transmitting to others was very low.

Nevertheless, Yang Xiu’s husband was still covered in the drum. In fact, Yang Xiu was very clear in his heart that it was wrong to hide her husband, but she couldn’t pass the level in her heart. She felt that she had the dirtiest disease in the world, and it was deserved to suffer pain.

Sometimes the condition deteriorates. Yang Xiu is going to be hospitalized. She can only deceive her husband and say that she and girlfriend have gone out to travel. Herself and guilt surrounded Yang Xiu, letting her be in the darkness of herself, “I am most afraid of my loved ones abandon me.”

Third, the spread of the opposite sex –

Sex is the main way to spread AIDS, and people with common sense will know. Someone would find it ridiculous when hearing the saying “the spread of the opposite sex”, but in fact, it was something happening.

People have a deep stereotype of AIDS: “don’t check”, “dirty”, “skin disease”, “death”, “homosexuality”. In the eyes of many people, although AIDS is very contagious, it has nothing to do with themselves. They feel that people who do not check or homosexuality will be infected and they will never.

And this has caused a strange phenomenon -people are overly fearful and ugly, but they ignore real risks in their actions.

The World Health Organization proposed that stereotypes have become one of the biggest resistance to preventing AIDS.

Wu Zunyou, an expert in epidemiological prevention and control of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that since 2003, the number of diagnostic infections of AIDS has risen straight, and heterosexual transmission cases account for 71%of new report cases. Wu Zunyou also emphasized that “controlling AIDS is the key task of controlling AIDS at present and future control, and it will also be the most difficult.”

Here, we need to review the three major channels of AIDS: sexual contact, blood transmission, and mother -to -child communication.

In addition, shaking hands, hugs, and meals with AIDS infection will not be infected with AIDS. AIDS virus does not spread through public facilities such as toilet circles, catering utensils, and swimming pools. Mosquito bite, sneeze or cough will not be.

Fourth, 2 misunderstandings should be clarified

For AIDS, two misunderstandings need special attention.

1. The test results are negative, and it is safe?

Truth: detect negative 测 safety

After the patient was infected with AIDS, there was a window period, and at this time, it was impossible to detect whether the infection was detected. Generally speaking, the window period for HIV antibody detection is 4 to 12 weeks, and the window period for nucleic acid detection is 1 to 4 weeks. The antibody detection is the most commonly used method. Therefore, it is recommended to test it after 4 weeks of high -risk behavior.

If the test results are negative after 4 weeks, it should be detected again in 8 or 12 weeks; if there is no high -risk behavior again within 12 weeks and no antibodies can be detected, AIDS infection can be excluded.

In the window period, the virus has been quickly copied in the body and is contagious, but it is not temporarily detected. In addition, it should be noted that if sexual behavior occurs during the window period, protective measures must be taken to avoid causing partner infections.

2. The patient will not spread anymore?

Normally, if the patient receives effective antiviral treatment and the treatment is very successful, the virus load in the body cannot be detected (result 0), which represents the success of antiviral and the patient’s infectiousness has been greatly reduced.

But pay attention, reducing does not mean nothing. Studies have found that even if AIDS patients have successful in antiviral success, 15%-25%of patients will have one or multiple plasma virus loads increase. As soon as the time of excessive increase is very short, it can be relieved by itself, but if there is no protective behavior, it will also cause infection. Therefore, even patients with low anti -virus and low infectivity should take protection measures during sexual life.

All in all, if you want to prevent AIDS, you must eliminate the fear and stereotypes of AIDS, because these prejudices will cause the public to form an error perception, but it is not conducive to AIDS prevention.

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