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6 major killing food, men with caution

When men and women at the age of childbearing age, it is the biggest thing for a healthy and lively baby. However, this is not a trivial matter. In recent years, the quality of men’s semen has been in a general decline in the global scope. The reasons are that the role of various social and environmental factors is inevitable, but the impact of eating habits cannot be ignored.

Men must not eat six types of fine foods

1. Fried chicken

Men who love to eat barbecue in summer are noticed. Experts point out that barbecue and fried starch foods contain carcinogenic acrylamide, which can cause less men and weakness. In addition, heavy metal cadmium and pesticide residues are toxic for sperm.

Studies have found that the decrease in sperm and vitality of patients with weak sperm disease are related to the lack of trace elements such as zinc. Therefore, eating more zinc -rich foods such as oysters, shrimp skin, animal liver, laver, sesame, peanuts, and beans can ensure that the “fine” is abundant.

In vitro shock wave gravel is an important way to treat urinary stones. However, foreign scientists performed semen analysis for patients receiving the therapy and found sperm vitality and density decline, so they should be vigilant about medical derived loss.

Intimate reminder: In terms of diseases, the varicocele can affect the production of testicles, so such patients should be treated early and treated early.

2. Beer

If you have suffered from kidney diseases and drink a lot of beer without restrictions, uric acid deposition will cause the renal tube to block and cause kidney failure.

If you find that the kidneys have problems when you test the blood, I am afraid that the kidney function has been damaged at this time. Instead of waiting for blood testing to understand the kidneys, urine tests are better than usual, because urine testing is the simplest and more convenient to understand the kidneys to understand the kidneys. method.

Three, coffee

The reason why coffee has the effect of refreshing the brain is because the caffeine it contains stimulates human sympathetic nerves. The sympathetic nerves master all activities during the day. When it is stimulated, people will be inspiring and vitality. The auxiliary neurosensorship of the Sensory Neurology Division at night is physiological, erectile, etc. It is related to the relationship between the sympathetic nerves. When the sympathetic nerve activity is frequent, the relatively weaker side intercourse nerves are suppressed, and the clinical manifestations are decreased sexual desire.

Intimate reminder: People who usually have a large emotional fluctuations and are easily excited by the sympathetic nerves. It is best not to drink coffee and other caffeine -containing beverages before making sex, so as not to suppress the side sex nerves and reduce sexual desire.

Fourth, tofu

Men who love to eat soy products such as tofu must be careful. According to a number of media reports recently, a latest study at the School of Public Health of Harvard University in the United States is once again clear. If you eat soybean products every day, the number of men’s sperm will be significantly reduced.

The study was completed by Dr. George Chawaro of the School of Public Health of Harvard University. From 2000 to 2006, researchers followed up and investigated 99 men. The research results are surprising: men who eat soybean products every day have only 41 million sperm per milliliter semen, which is obviously lower than men who eat less soy products. It is understood that the number of sperm in the sperm per milliliter of semen is too low in sperm concentration and is susceptible to infertility. In addition, this connection is more obvious in obese men.

Charloto believes that soybean products have adverse effects on the generation of male reproductive systems, especially sperm. Soy and its products are rich in isoflavone plant estrogen. If too much intake, it will naturally affect the level of male hormones in men, leading to a series of adverse consequences.

my country has also proposed that eating soy products will affect the number of male sperm. In the past 5 years, Pan Lianjun, a male doctor at Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital, has been paying attention to this issue. He also found that men who often eat soybean products have a chance of having erectile dysfunction at 3.46 times that they do not eat often.

Intimate reminder: Eating soybean products in moderation is the best way to avoid hidden health hazards in men. The so -called “appropriate amount” refers to eating less than 3 times a week, about 100 grams each time.

Five, milk tea

At present, pearl milk tea in the market is mostly made of milk, pigment, flavor and cassava powder (referring to pearls in milk tea) and tap water. The main ingredients of milk are hydrogenated vegetable oil, which is a trans fatty acid. Prosperous fatty acids can reduce the secretion of male hormones, negatively affect the activity of sperm, and interrupt the response process of sperm in the body.

Intimate reminder: Actually, in our frequent biscuits, crispy cakes, pastry, chocolate, color pull sauce, fries, fried noodles, cream cakes, big thin pancakes, potato chips, fried noodles, etc. Contains non -equal amounts of trans fatty acids.

Six, pig waist

Many people like to eat animal organs, especially when eating barbecue, “waist” has become the favorite of many men. Recently, Taiwanese doctors warned: eating internal organs, beware of “cadmium” in the heart to damage sperm.

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People who want to “eat and make up for the liver, internal organs, and pig testicles are careful because they can’t make up for the body, but they may not be infertile. According to the latest research on Taiwan Chang Geng Hospital, it is found that pigs, cattle, sheep’s liver, kidney, etc. have different content of heavy metal cadmium. People who eat cadmium while eating are also infertile. If you add the smokers themselves, the chance of infertility is as high as 60 %.

Intimate reminder: These foods that are considered “strong sperm” contain high cadmium, which will not only reduce the number of sperm, but also impact the fertilized eggs in bed.By bed, affecting conception.(Intern editor: Yan Yanming)

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