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6 secrets of women are ten years old

Women want their age to become eternal secrets. In addition to daily maintenance, there are some unknown secrets. What are the specific secrets? Well, today Xiaobian is going to send benefits! Let’s take a look.

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1. Keep vitality

If you want to be young, you can’t reach your age, and your mentality must be achieved at least! Therefore, maintaining a young mentality and avoiding more contact with people who are gloomy in nature, this can also keep you away from negative energy, and people are much younger.

2. Wash your face correctly

The skin is good, cleaning is the focus. Mastering the correct way to wash the face can make the skin really relax and achieve the young effect. It is best to use mild and milk -like to maintain normal pH value and cleanliness products from environmental pollution. Massage of facial cleanser to the entire face, including the hairline and eyebrows, otherwise it will breed dandruff and fat. Immediately after washing your face, apply skin care products to the best effect.

3. Multiple honey

Honey is a long -established beauty product, and it is very beneficial to the body and skin regardless of external application. The ingredients of honey have natural permeability and are easily absorbed by the skin. It can improve the ability of the skin to save moisture. It also has the magical effects of cleaning, anti -inflammatory, eliminating dead skin, and eliminating wrinkles. Essence

In addition to being used as a mask, honey can also drink a cup of honey water in the morning, which can strengthen the liver detoxification function, eliminate pigmentation, and make the skin fair and tender.

4. Eat breakfast

Of the three meals a day, breakfast is the most important. It is the source of vitality in a day. It is not cost -effective to save breakfast for a while. It is best to make an emperor -like breakfast for yourself. Rich breakfast can provide the body’s required energy, which makes people energetic all day, and also allows youth to accompany you with you.

Do not use a lie that you can lose weight without eating breakfast. In fact, the result of not eating breakfast is to let you eat more snacks, lunch, and high calories. The more terrible news is that people who do not eat breakfast are prone to dementia. Essence

5. Never forget sunscreen

The skin is dull and easy to look old. For people with dull complexion, preventing ultraviolet rays is particularly important. Choosing proper base care products can enhance defense of ultraviolet light damage, not only to prevent skin aging, but also maintain skin elasticity. Choosing makeup with reflection light can also achieve the effect of brightening the skin.

6. Adjust your diet

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine theory, self -regulation from the body is the way to solve the long -term and effective method of skin problems. Dry skin, long spots, fine lines, etc. are all aging performance, which are related to the lack of vitamin E. Therefore, timely supplementing vitamin E is the key to retaining youth skin. Generally speaking, vitamin E has a lot of content in vegetables, fruits and meat, especially among nuts. At least 400 grams of fruits and vegetables (excluding potatoes) should be eaten every day to make your skin more delicate and white.

7. Regular schedule

The color of the skin depends on the content of melanin in the epidermal cells and the degree of skin vascular contraction and expansion. These factors are controlled by the regulation of the neuroteral fluidal system, and sleep plays a role in this. Therefore, sleep is full of youthful vitality. Only sufficient and high -quality sleep can help eliminate fatigue, promote health, care for the skin, and show a beautiful face full of youthful vitality.

8. regular life

Women with a harmonious and beautiful family atmosphere, and a harmonious and beautiful sex life with a lover, temperament and spirit also exude unique charm. This kind of woman often has more delicate skin and moisturizing, and her body exudes a gentle and good temperament Essence

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