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60 % of the household medicine boxes have hidden safety hazards

In order to facilitate the treatment of some minor and simple common diseases, many families have family medicine boxes, which was originally a healthy thing, but not long ago, it was completed by the Chinese African -Factory Drug Association, the China Medical Quality Management Association, and the Chinese Pharmaceutical Society. The results of the survey of the Chinese family medicine box in 2009 show that the phenomenon of expiration and deterioration drugs, unscientific drug storage and other phenomena are quite serious in my country. Improper use of drugs makes the family medicine box no longer safe.

This half -year survey shows that there are major hidden dangers for the drugs of Chinese residents, and only 40.6%of families will regularly organize their family medicine boxes, and nearly 60%of families occasionally may never organize their family medicine boxes, of which more than 20%of families may Never clean up the family medicine box or never pay attention to the extension of the medicine.

Among residents’ misusions, 7.8%of residents have an expired medicine; 30.3%of residents increase their own medication by themselves Not obvious, immediately stop the medicine and change another medicine; in addition, 25.4%of residents mixed multiple drugs.

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For a long time, the residents called for medical consultation services, but the pharmacy consulted few people to ask. In the investigation of the consultation object, in the residents’ consulting objects, the doctors of large hospitals accounted for 57.8%, and only 13.3%of pharmacists. In contrast, the proportion of drug purchases through pharmacies reached 73.1%, ranking first. For pharmacies, nearly 80 % of the proportion of drug purchases is far from 20 % of the pharmacist consulting. This shows that many residents have not obtained effective drug consulting services when purchasing medicines through pharmacies.

Experts point out that the varieties of drugs purchased by the family should be small and refined. The internal medicine is stored separately from the external drugs. The spare drug should be stored in a dry and ventilated place. Regularly check whether the drug preparation of the family medicine box is deteriorated. Pay attention to the failure of the medicine. date. When obtaining pharmaceutical consulting services, you should gradually change the traditional concepts of heavy doctors and light pharmacists, consciously consult the pharmacist when purchasing medicines to avoid wrong medication behavior.

(Intern editor: Du Niannian)

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