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6,000 people in China die from cancer every day, remind: 40 years old, do not care about 5 things, do not care about 5 things

In just a few days, the two outstanding talents left the world at a young age,

On December 25, 2022, Jiang Wei, a professor at the Department of Chemistry of the School of Science and Technology of the University of Science and Technology of Science and Technology for a year and a half, and died in Shenzhen at the age of 41.

On December 30, 2022, the former CCTV host Fu Dadong suffered a brain cancer for two years, and finally died of anti -cancer failure at the age of 42.

They happened to be at the age of 40. They died of cancer at similar age. The death of Yingling made many netizens surprise. They were too young. In fact, 40 years old was the dangerous age of cancer.understand.

1. 6,000 people in China died of cancer every day, and 40 -year -old life dangerous period

6,000 people in China die from cancer every day, remind: 40 years old, do not care about 5 things, do not care about 5 things

According to the latest cancer and death analysis report released by the National Cancer Center, there were 4.064 million new cancers in my country in 2016, of which 24.14 million were killed (almost 6,000 people died of cancer per day).The report shows that the incidence of cancer in my country began to rise rapidly after the age of 40, and it reached its peak at the age of 80.

These types of cancer are 40 years old:

1. Lung cancer:

The age of 40 ~ 45 is the age group with the highest incidence of lung cancer and the highest increase rate. The reason is mainly related to the changes in the living environment and lifestyle changes in modern people.Long -term smoking, occupational exposure, air radiation, and lung medical history will cause the risk of lung cancer to rise.

2. Liver cancer

The incidence of liver cancer in my country is 2692/100,000, and the mortality rate is 2372/100,000. The mortality rate is second only to lung cancer, and the incidence is the fifth place in malignant tumors.Liver cancer is relatively high after 40 years of age. The age of 50 to 60 is the highest age group, and the number of men with men is significantly higher than women.

3. Breast cancer

Women aged 40 to 50 are high incidence of breast cancer. It is generally recommended that women have conducted a basic breast X -ray examination once a year from the age of 35 to help screen the early disease in the breast.

4. colorectal cancer

The incidence and mortality of colorectal cancer in the world are the third and second places in global malignant tumors, respectively. In my country, 521,000 colorectal cancer patients are newly developed each year, and 248,000 people die.With the increase of age, the risk of colorectal cancer will also increase. The risk starts at the age of 40 will gradually increase. Among them, the incidence and mortality of men are higher than women.

It can be said that the 40 -year -old is a healthy watershed. For your own life, do not do some damaged health.

After the age of 40, don’t care about these things anymore

1. Reduce stay up late

6,000 people in China die from cancer every day, remind: 40 years old, do not care about 5 things, do not care about 5 things

The “China Sleep Research Report (2022)” shows that the average daily sleeping period of 40-49 years of sleep is the shortest, only 6.75 hours.Staying up late for a long time will cause the body to be in a state of fatigue, and then it will cause the risk of various diseases to increase, which contains cancer.

2. Reduce wine and meat entertainment

Many middle -aged men are old and small, and in order to live a variety of entry and exit entertainment occasions, under the diet mode of low cellulose, high -fat and high -protein for a long time, they may also consume barbecue and pickled foods too much.And alcohol, this will cause the risk of cancer for a long time.

3. Reduce smoking

The survey shows that 60 % or 70 % of men over 40 have a history of smoking or smoking, and there is a close relationship between smoking and lung cancer.Increase.

4. Quit for a long time

The “White Paper Survey in the Workplace” shows that programmers and media have an average of more than 9 hours. Long -term sedentary can cause the gastrointestinal motility to slow down, and then increase the risk of colorectal cancer.

5. Don’t ignore cancer screening anymore

Many people have the habit of regular medical examinations, but they are conducting some conventional medical examinations, ignoring cancer screening.Cancer screening is of great significance for discovering early cancer and pre -cancer lesions. It can be found that it is difficult to find abnormalities in ordinary examinations. Middle -aged people must not ignore cancer screening.

When cancer comes, there will be some abnormal symptoms in the body. If you have these symptoms, you must be vigilant.

Third, these symptoms appear in the body, don’t support it anymore

1. Cough and blood, don’t think it’s just a cold

Early obvious symptoms of lung cancer are cough, hemoptysis and chest pain, but cough and hemoptysis can easily be mistaken for colds.For people who have a history of long -term smoking, chronic cough and blood cough must be vigilant.

6,000 people in China die from cancer every day, remind: 40 years old, do not care about 5 things, do not care about 5 things

2. It is difficult to swallow my throat, don’t think it is just getting angry

Esophageal cancer can cause symptoms such as slow swallowing, unable to swallow, dry throat/tightness, and foreign body sensation. These symptoms are easily mistaken for being caused by fire, and we must pay attention to screening.

3. Blood in the stool, don’t think it’s just hemorrhoids

Both hemorrhoids and bowel cancer can cause blood stool symptoms, but in addition to blood in the intestinal cancer, intestinal cancer can also cause symptoms such as changes in bowel habits and abdominal pain.

4. No appetite, weight loss, don’t think it’s just indigestion

In the short term, there is no intention to lose weight in the short term, and the symptoms of decreased appetite and a large decrease in weight occur. We must be alert to cancer, especially gastrointestinal cancer.

5. Don’t think that the stomach is not good

Liver cancer can cause patients with abdominal distension, liver pain, diarrhea, and weight loss abnormal symptoms, but these symptoms are prone to misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis.For middle -aged and elderly people, physical examination is a very important link to maintain health. These medical examinations must not be omitted.

Four or 40 years old, these medical examinations must be tested

1. General medical examination:

Such as general examinations such as height and weight, physical examinations such as vision and oral cavity, routine blood, routine, routine urine, routine/potential blood and other routine, liver and kidney function, blood lipids, blood sugar, uric acid and other biochemical examinations, ECG, X -ray examination, and abdomen are mainly in the abdomen.Ultrasound examination of organ.

2. Anti -cancer medical examination

① Lung -cancer: Low -dose spiral CT

6,000 people in China die from cancer every day, remind: 40 years old, do not care about 5 things, do not care about 5 things

② Gastric cancer: gastroscopy

③ Intestinal cancer: colonoscopy

④ Breast cancer: breast X -ray photography, color Doppler ultrasound examination

⑤ Liver cancer: A fetal protein, color ultrasound

⑥ Prostate cancer: serum PSA test

Cancer is a disease that everyone is afraid of, but its occurrence is not inevitable. Pay attention to examination and pay more attention to their own symptoms in daily life, which can help prevent cancer.Especially middle -aged and elderly people must not forget anti -cancer screening.

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6,000 people in China die from cancer every day, remind: 40 years old, do not care about 5 things, do not care about 5 things

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