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70 -year -old patients with lung adenocarcinoma have been controlled after surgery

(Declaration: This article is only used for popular science purposes. In order to protect the privacy of patients, the relevant information in the following content has been processed)

Summary: 70 -year -old female patients have no obvious causes of chest tightness, blood cough and sputum, and there is no other discomfort in a few days ago. There is no other discomfort. The CT of the foreign hospital shows the outer part of the right lungs. It is recommended to check further.So I came to our hospital for consultation. After the patient was admitted to the hospital, the relevant examination was improved. According to the results of the examination, the clinical diagnosis was the right lungs, considering the malignant lesion, etc. Therefore+Right lung wedge -shaped resection+thoracic lymph node sculpting, postoperative pathological reminder is (right lung lobe) infiltrate adenocarcinoma.In order to control the patient’s condition, other drug treatment is given.Since the follow -up, the patient has a stable condition and has not seen tumors recur.

【Basic Information】 Female, 70 years old

【Disease Type】 Lung adenocarcinoma

[Consultation Hospital] Jinzhong First People’s Hospital

[Time] October 2022

[Treatment Plan] Surgical treatment (VATS right lung medium lobe resection+right lung cedar resection+right lung cervical resection+thoracic lymph node sculpting)

[Treatment cycle] 15 days of hospitalization

[Treatment effect] The patient’s surgery is smooth, and the condition can be controlled

1. First diagnosis

At the age of 70, the female patient, the patient had no obvious cause of self -reported in the case of chest tightness, blood cough and sputum on October 21, 2022, and less inside.There is no cough, no chest pain, no breath, silent, no fever, no headache, limb joint pain, 2022-10-24 to the outer hospital for consultation, CT flat sweeping reminder: 1. Occupation of outer section of the outer part of the right lung,CT is recommended to enhance examination; 2. Increased heart, please combine clinical; 3. Active artery sclerosis; 4. Liver S8, S2 circular low -density stove, CT is recommended to enhance examination; 5. Fatty liver; 6. Kidney multiple metastasis sexualityStones with water accumulate water; 7. Both kidney circular low -density stoves, CT is recommended to enhance examination.To come to our hospital for further diagnosis and treatment, the outpatient clinic is an income hospital with “the nature of the nodules in the right lung”.Patients are currently poor, with normal physical strength, normal appetite, poor sleep, no significant changes in weight, normal urination, and normal stool.Past history: Diagnosis of “hypertension” in 2014, oral antihypertensive drug treatment (specific unknown), blood pressure control, drug discontinuation in 2020, blood pressure control unknown; history of surgical: 2019 has the history of bilateral renal stones surgery.

2. Treatment

Improved relevant inspections after admission: (2022-10-27) Urine analysis+urine softening mirror examination (urine) (urine): 1. White cells> 400/ul ↑;Blood (EDTA anticoagulation)) (Liming Inspection Room): Achidicocytes percentage of 7.00%↑, average volume of platelets 8.30fl ↓.CT CT examination tips: 1. Midtopenia in the right lungs, consider malignant lesions-one peripheral lung cancer; dual lung nodules, inflammatory lesions and metastasis to be distinguished; two, thyroid and thyroid gland.Bilateral leaf multi -nodules, consider nodular thyroid mosque; 3. Undumedly mild and moderate fatty liver: liver S4 tablet -shaped high -density shadow, consider liver island; liver S8, S2 cysts; 4. Kidney multiple hi happinessSwelling with multiple stones; 5. There is no clear abnormality in the brain: 6-L1 vertebral hemangioma.Tips on the positive position (DR) of the chest side (DR): The right lung cancer changes, dual pneumonia, and a small amount of chest water in both sides.Patients have surgical indications, and patients and their families are willing to surgery.After the patient was performed to eliminate the absolute surgery, the operating room was sent in 2022-11-04 to the downlink downside downside of the full numbness of the anesthesia+right lung cervical resection+right lung cedar resection+chest cavity cavity cavity cavityLymph node scan.Quickly frozen pathological examination during the operation shows: adenocarcinoma.The process is smooth.After surgery to return to the ward, treatment is treated with anti -inflammatory, liver protection, nursing, atomization, liquid replenishment, strengthening nutrition, maintaining hydrolytic balance, etc., and after surgery, routine pathogenesis: (right lung leaf)60%+glands of prostate type 35%+micro -nipple type 5%), tumor size 2.8cm*2.5cm*2.1cm, cancer tissue accumulates fine -tubing walls, and there is a thoracic violation to be reported after special dyeing.At present, the condition is stable and recovered after surgery.

Third, treatment effect

The operation was smooth, and the patient recovered well after surgery.Pathological results of the postoperative pathological results are micro -infiltrated adenocarcinoma, which is in line with preoperative diagnosis.Patients with discomfort such as cough, sputum, and hemoptysis occur after surgery.The patient’s postoperative pathology has not seen obvious lymph node metastasis. It is not necessary to perform postoperative adjuvant treatment. Patients only need to review regular outpatient clinics every 3-6 months.On the fifth day after surgery, the patient had no symptoms of discomfort, so he removed the drainage tube.On the 15th day of hospitalization, the patient’s body recovered well and had reached the discharge indication, and he was discharged.For about 1 year, no tumor recurrence and metastasis has been seen, and there is no significant effect on daily life.

Fourth, precautions

After surgery, the patient has improved, and I am very pleased. At the same time, after the patient still needs to pay attention to the discharge of the lung lobe, the diet is mainly based on food that is light and easy to digest.Bananas, greens, cabbage, etc.It can also add some high -quality protein and high -vitamin foods, such as lean meat, fish and shrimp, soy products, etc.Taboo cold foods, such as garlic, shallots, ginger, etc.Smoking patients must be quit smoking strictly to prevent recurrence of lung cancer.You can perform physical exercise appropriately, such as walking, deep breathing, and even running.But avoid violent activities and heavy physical labor.The wound is changed every 2-3 days.After 14 days, go to the local hospital for disassembling surgical incision, and dismantle the sewing of the drainage pipeline after 3 weeks.After 3 weeks, I returned to the hospital for review for treatment.Patients need to regularly review the chest CT and brain magnetic resonance every three months after surgery. Dynamic comparison observes whether the patient recurs and metastasis after surgery.If you have discomfort, follow the clinic in time.Five, personal perception

Pulmonary adenocarcinoma is one of the main types of non -small cell lung cancer, and most of them originated from bronchial mucosal epithelium.This disease lacks specific manifestations in the early days. There may be symptoms such as cough, blood or blood biphb, asthma, and chest pain in sputum. Once the above discomfort symptoms occur, seek medical treatment in time to achieve early and treatment. Choose under the guidance of a doctor. Choose under the guidance of the doctorAppropriate treatment plan.Only by controlling the condition as soon as possible can the damage to the body.Just as patients in this case, after timely surgery, the condition improves and the treatment effect is good.Therefore, even if you find lung adenocarcinoma, you must actively treat it, don’t be discouraged.At present, with the advancement of medical technology, lung adenocarcinoma is hoped to transform into chronic diseases that can be controlled.

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