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8 small leaks that threaten reproductive health

Some seemingly harmless living habits may damage our health and even cause great disasters without notice.

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Vaginal mold infection

Common sense reserve: The main symptoms of vaginal mold infection include increased white secretions, itching in the vulva, redness, or odor. When the above symptoms appear, if you can be caused by mold infection, you can cure it with an external anti -inflammatory ointment on the affected area. Such ointments are over -the -counter drugs and can be bought in any pharmacy. But if your infection rate exceeds three times a year, it is best to go to the medical hospital to find the cause of the pathogenic.

Cause cause 1: sweets

Candy and carbonated beverages can not only lead to tooth decay, but also promote the breeding speed of mold in the human body. The more sugar content in the blood, the easier it is to promote the “qi” of the mold and cause local infection. A study of repeated infections for mold shows that the content of sugar in most patients in urine is significantly higher than the average value of healthy people’s blood glucose levels. Clinical statistics also show that 90%of female patients have a small vaginal mold infection recurrence within one year after decreased daily sugar intake.

Prevention measures: Although medical proof of mold infection is related to sugar intake, there is no need to completely remove sugary foods from the recipe. As long as you are not quantity, you can still enjoy sweet and seductive fruits, snacks and soda.

Some seemingly harmless living habits may damage our health and even cause great disasters without notice.

Causes of Ectological 2: Oral contraceptive pills

Women who take estrogen ingredients with estrogen ingredients are nearly double the chances of mildew infection. Because excess estrogen provided by pills can change the acid -base environment in the vagina, and this changing environment is just the most suitable for the reproduction of mold.

Prevention measures: Try to choose oral contraceptives with low estrogen content. In addition, you can also choose contraceptives that are completely excluding estrogen, but compared with those oral contraceptives containing estrogen, the contraceptive effect of this drug is obviously worse, especially when you forget to take medicine at the same time every day at the same time every day. In the case.

Causes of Ectological 3: Antibiotics

Antibiotics are the most confusing effects of many pathogenic factors that may cause mold infections -the role of antibiotics is to kill the germs, how can it cause mold growth? Or believe in science, yes, antibiotics are eliminating harmful germs in the body to eliminate harmful germs in the body. At the same time, it will also kill many beneficial bacteria that can control the growth of mold, which will lead to “flooding” of mold. When you take a strong wide -spectrum antibiotic, the side effects will be particularly obvious.

Prevention measures: Do not take antibiotics rashly in the early stages of a cold. Even if you do need it, you should take it under the guidance of the doctor. If the doctor thinks that mild antibiotics are sufficient to achieve the treatment effect, it is best not to take a stronger type of medicine. Some experts have discussed that some lactic acid bacteria can be taken during the treatment of antibiotics, because research shows that eosinophilic lactic acid bacteria can effectively control the breeding of mold and keep the acid -base environment in the body maintain a healthy and balanced balance.


Common sense reserve: During frequent urination and urination, the lower body is accompanied by burning or tingling. It is the most obvious symptom of cystitis. In addition to the diagnosis of symptoms, doctors can also make judgments through the results of urine tests. After diagnosis, it is generally only necessary to take three days of antibiotics, and most of the symptoms can disappear.

Inception of pathogenic 1: Sexual life

Gynecologists generally believe that due to the spread of a large amount of bacteria in the process of sexual intercourse, no matter what position in the use of sexual intercourse, no matter which position is used, sexual life will increase the risk of female cystitis. Among them, traditional positions are the most unfavorable to women’s health, because in this case, bacteria attached to men’s penis and groin are the easiest to expose women’s urethra.

Prevention measures: In sexual life, you may wish to try a more “safe” posture, that is, men support the weight of the elbow joints, so that their abdominal groin does not need to squeeze women’s urethra.

After the sex life is over, drink as much water as much as possible, which helps to discharge the pathogenic bacteria through urine. Before the beginning of sex, clean the vagina and anus with warm water and soap, and men should also clean the penis to reduce the possibility of cross -transmission.

Cause cause of pathogen 2: sexy underwear

Sexy underwear Due to its low waist and slender structural design, the bottom pants are very easy to misplace during exercise, and it is difficult to avoid bringing bacteria near the rectum into the urethra.

Prevention measures: If you have a soft spot for sexy underwear, you may wish to choose a wider and flat style of the underwear. This style is not easy to deform. In addition, it is best to choose a cotton -lining underwear to maintain a good breathable effect.

Bacterial vaginitis

Common sense reserve: bacterial vaginitis is one of the most common gynecological diseases. If treatment is not timely, it can cause abortion or premature birth of pregnant women, which is extremely dangerous. Because the symptoms of bacterial vaginitis are very similar to the clinical manifestations of cervical cancer caused by mastoid virus (HPV). Once similar symptoms occur, you should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible. Gynecologists can identify bacterial vaginitis and cervical cancer through cervical coating.

Some seemingly harmless living habits may damage our health and even cause great disasters without notice. Cause cause 1: Smoking

There are sufficient scientific evidence that the danger of smoking women suffer from bacterial vaginitis is much higher than women who do not smoke. The chemical composition contained in cigarettes will reduce the number of lactic acid bacteria in women’s vagina, which will cause the pathogenic bacteria of bacterial vaginitis to have the opportunity to reproduce a large number and lead to infection. Prevention measures: the most thorough solution -quit smoking.

Some seemingly harmless living habits may damage our health and even cause great disasters without notice.

Cause cause 2: In -the -palace health device

The risk of placing the in -palace is that a large amount of bacteria may enter the uterus through the capillaries around the breeding device, change the balance of bacteria in the uterus and vagina, and eventually lead to bacterial vaginitis. Prevention measures: About 1/3 of the bacterial vulvatitis of the internal palace -saving device recurred again within 6 months after healing. If this happens, the doctor will let you take antifungal drugs or suggest that you choose other contraceptive methods.

Some seemingly harmless living habits may damage our health and even cause great disasters without notice.

Improper cleaning

Inception of pathogenic 3: Improper cleaning method

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Researchers have found that if the daily cleaning method is improperly selected, it may lead to a large reduction in lactic acid bacteria that maintain the balanced environment of the uterus and vagina, which will not only promote health, but increase the chance of gynecological diseases, especially bacterial vaginitis.

Prevention measures: Do not clean the vagina too frequently. A small amount of secretions in women’s lower bodies are normal, and these secretions are not as dirty as we imagine. It is these secretions that maintain pH balance in the vagina. If you are worried about the taste of the lower body, you can choose a cotton underwear with strong water absorption and breathable, and often change the wash to keep the body dry.

(Intern editor: Chen Zhanli)

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