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90 minutes of rescue, 14 times of heart electrocomputer tremor!Patients with heartbeat stops finally “reverse life and death”

“Come and save people, some patients fell in the bathroom!” At 18:00 on October 20th, at the Internal Medicine Ward of the Department of Medicine of the Shenshan Central Hospital of Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, he was shouted for a while Breaking the quiet. The 69 -year -old patient Wang was heard by others in the bathroom. The door was locked and shouted. The care area of ​​the ward quickly opened the bathroom door, and found that Uncle Wang fell to the ground, stopped his breath, and disappeared by the major artery!

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At a constitutional time, experts in the Department of Internal Medicine, Critical Medicine, emergency department, and anesthesiology department immediately rescued Wang Shu. After 90 minutes of continuous cardiopulmonary resuscitation, medication, 14 times of electrocardiography and other rescue, Uncle Wang finally resumed autonomous heart rhythm, which can touch arteries, recovery blood oxygen under the support of the ventilator, and was rescued from the “Ghost Gate Pass” Come back!

“Uncle Wang has severe heart failure. It can be imagined that if a heartbeat is stopped outside the hospital, the opportunity that can be rescued is minimal. This time it is an unfortunate luck in the hospital ward!” Professor Yuan Wo Liang, Director of Heart failure of Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University and Associate Professor Yuan Woliang, Director of Cardiovascular Medicine of Shenshan Central Hospital.

Wang Jingfeng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University and Director of Cardiovascular Medicine, went to the ICU ward of Shenzhen Shanshan Central Hospital to check the house for Wang Shu

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation+ECG defibrilment, in exchange for the front line of life

After discovering that Uncle Wang fell to the ground, under the guidance of a number of duty head teachers, several doctors and nurses on duty were skillfully adjusted to the lying position, open the airway, immediately implemented the cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and quickly established the vein channel. Betting the rescue drug. At the same time, it is notified of the departmental department, emergency department, anesthesia and other departments to assist in rescue.

At one time, two times, three times … After about 3 minutes of pressing, you can touch Uncle Wang’s carotid artery and start to have a weak autonomous breathing, but after the ECG monitoring, it prompts the chamber tremor and blood oxygen decrease. Essence The medical care was working together to transfer Uncle Wang to the bed, and immediately performed electro -trembling, inferring adrenaline, and organized the duties in an orderly manner.

In the case of multiple defibrillation, chest compression, and infusion of drugs, Uncle Wang’s electrocardiogram still alternate ventricular fibrillation and ventricular heart -like tachycardia, and the condition is very dangerous! Director Yuan Woliang made a decision and briefly discussed with the director of various disciplines. He adjusted the anti -arrhythmia drug plan for Uncle Wang, and continued to rescue with measures such as compression, electro -fibrillation, and maintaining blood pressure.

Time passed one minute by minute, and finally, with the support of everyone’s joint efforts and multidisciplinary consultations, after 90 minutes of continuous cardiopulmonary resuscitation, medication, 14 times of electrocable vibration, etc. It can be touched by arteries, with blood oxygen recovery with the support of the ventilator, and finally recovered successfully! Immediately after close monitoring, Uncle Wang was sent to the Department of Emergency Division to continue treatment.

The first anti -magnetic resonance ICD implantation of Shanwei, put on the “personal bodyguard” for Uncle Wang

In the Department of Emergency Medicine, medical staff adjusted the treatment plan for Uncle Wang based on the condition and continued to maintain a stable vital signs. Two days later, Uncle Wang began to gradually recover his awareness, and then he could conduct a little obey. Six days later, Uncle Wang successfully escaped the ventilator and could communicate with the medical staff with simple exchanges, and his thinking and memory were basically not affected. It can be said that the medical staff created a miracle of rescue!

Director Yuan Woliang introduced that Uncle Wang was a patient after myocardial infarction and implanted the heart bracket seven years ago. In the past three years, he has repeated chest tightness and shortness of breath after activities. The heart ultrasound results are repeatedly indicated that the heart function is very poor, and the ejection score is 31%, which indicates that there is serious heart failure.

“Patients like Uncle Wang are high -risk groups of cardiac arrest and sudden heart -derived death!” Director Yuan Woliang pointed out that the report shows that about 540,000 people in my country have suddenly died each year, most of which are sudden heart -derived death. Patients with heart failure like Uncle Wang are the most high -risk crowd. It was precisely because of this danger of Uncle Wang that Director Yuan Woliang put him into the ward and was ready to implement a buried cardioplasty defibrillation (ICD) to prevent malignant arrhythmia.

On October 29, after 9 days of stopping the heartbeat, Uncle Wang was stable. Director Yuan Woliang implanted the latest anti -magnetic resonance ICD for him, which is also the first anti -magnetic resonance ICD implantation in Shanwei. It can be said that Uncle Wang has a “close -fitting bodyguard” in the future, which can be treated at any time to treat the malignant arrhythmia at any time, and the safety of life can be guaranteed.

Director Yuan Woliang (left) Prepare anti -magnetic resonance ICD before surgery

Director Yuan Wo Liang (right) is successfully implanted in ICD for Uncle Wang

Director Yuan Woliang introduced that ICD can play a role of “one way of saving life” when patients with vicious arrhythmias such as ventricular tremor and ventricular speed. However, 36%of patients have the demand for nuclear magnetic resonance scanning within 4 years, and ordinary ICDs cannot be compatible with nuclear magnetic resonance examination after implantation. This is because the environment in which the traditional ICD pairing system encounters nuclear magnetic magnetism may cause severe risks such as the head end of the head end abnormal discharge and burning myocardium. In the anti -magnetic resonance ICD system, the filter is added to reduce the heating and damage ICD of the head end of the wire, which solves this problem well.

This time, the consultation and rescue of the multi -disciplinary disciplines of the Shenzhen -Shanshan Central Hospital reflects the strong medical strength of Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University. It also fully demonstrates the benevolence of the medical staff of the Shenzhen -Shanshan Central Hospital, the spirit of saving the wounded, and the medical team of the medical team. Close cooperation. The Shenshan Central Hospital of Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University is a key project led by the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government and Shenzhen Municipal Shanwei City. On May 26, 2021, the outpatient operation of the Shenzhen -Shanshan Central Hospital and officially visited the external consultation. On October 20, the inpatient department was officially launched. Since the external consultation, it has received great attention from all walks of life in the society. The quality of medical services has been recognized.

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The headquarters of Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University actively played the regional radiation capacity of high -level hospitals, and carried out more comprehensive and deeper technologies and talent translations on medical technology, talent training, discipline construction, research platforms, and modern management. Leaded by the academician and the permanent residence, strive to build the Shenzhen-Shanshan Central Hospital into a well-known and eastern Guangdong comprehensive hospital in the province within 5-8 years to serve the people of Shanwei Old District, and establish a new new area for the construction of “healthy China” and then set a new new one. achievement.

After the implantation surgery was successfully completed, the medical team took a group photo

(Correspondent: Zhang Yang, Huang Rui, Ma Muzhen: Provided by the hospital)

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