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A 100 way of death of a child!6 male “sex” research that you must know

Today (October 28) is a male health day. Men’s Health Day was first proposed by the World Health Organization, which is intended to improve the entire society’s attention to men’s health.

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According to a large number of social surveys and medical statistics at home and abroad, more and more diseases are coming towards men quickly, and they continue to seriously threaten men’s physical and mental health. In recent years, due to increasing work and biochemical pressure, male diseases such as urogenital infections, prostate diseases have increased, and have a serious tendency to age.

On this day of caring for men’s health, Mess talked about those “men” for everyone ~

Young people call, and the risk of infertility increases by 229%!

Sperm quality is usually one of the common indicators of male fertility, and the decline in sperm quality is related to snoring.

Snoring is the main clinical manifestation of sleep respiratory suspension syndrome (OSA). The research team from Taiwan, China, published a study on Jama Network Open and found that OSA is related to increased risk of infertility by 24%.

The study shows that the infertility risk of OSA patients is 1.24 times that of non -OSA patients. As the OSA exposure time is prolonged, the risk of infertility has increased significantly, and it has statistically significant significance. About 50%of OSA patients were treated in the infertility group (n = 60) and the non -infertile disease group (n = 246). Statically speaking, the risk of infertility has increased significantly.

The incidence of middle-aged male OSA is 4%. According to the age, the participants are layered. It can be found that the infertility risk brought by OSA under the age of 40 has increased, and the aged aged 18-24 increases the most up to the most up to maximum. It turned out to be as high as 229%. Also suffering from OSA and other complications will further increase infertility.

New crown affects reproductive ability!

Studies have shown that the new coronal virus can largely destroy the male reproductive system through cytokine storms. However, whether the new coronal virus can directly infect human testicles and enter semen still controversy.

A study published in the Reproduction magazine shows that the new coronal virus may cause testicular damage and the male reproductive ability has decreased significantly.

In this study, the researchers analyzed the semen of 84 COVID-19 male patients, and analyzed their semen every 10 days and found that the inflammation and oxidation of the sperm cells of COVID-19 should be increased. Mobility and shape are also affected to varying degrees.

In addition, the male reproductive system may also be affected by drugs used to treat virus infection. The main reason is that drugs such as glucocorticoids and interferon have the effect of promoting gonad hormone. The combination of viruses and ACE2 can cause the upward adjustment of vascular tension II, which may adversely affect men’s fertility.

The preliminary study has confirmed that the new coronal virus has an impact on the male reproductive system. For patients with restoration, it is recommended to evaluate sperm quality before planning to ask for children and consult a physician. Of course, testicles are considered to be a long-term study before high-risk organs that are particularly COVID-19. In summary, it is really important to obey the epidemic prevention rules!

New crown vaccine increases male sperm concentration and vitality

Because there is no reproductive toxicity of the new crown MRNA vaccine in clinical trials, and the reduction of the new crown virus and sperm parameters, one of the reasons for the hesitation of vaccination for vaccination is to worry about its potential negative effects on fertility rates.

Recently, some research team evaluated the sperm parameters before and after injection of MRNA vaccine, and published the results of the research on Jama.

Of the 45 men in the study, 21 (46.7%) accepted BNT162B2 inoculation, and 24 (53.3%) received MRNA-1273 vaccination. The baseline sperm concentration and TMSC are 26 million/ml and 36 million/ml, respectively. After the second vaccine was injected, the median sperm concentration increased significantly to 30 million/ml, and the median number of TMSC increased to 44 million. Semen and sperm vitality also increased significantly.

Eight of the 45 men were ejaculation before vaccination (the median concentration was 8.5 million /ml [iqr, 5.1-12]). Among these eight men, seven men increased their sperm concentration to the normal sperm density range during follow -up, and 1 man was still less sperm. No one suffers from sperm after vaccination.

Cancer causes ejaculation disorders

Cancer treatment of ejaculation dysfunction (EJD) and erectile dysfunction are important clinical complications, but their exact incidence of various cancer parts and treatment types is unclear.

Recently, some researchers conducted a systematic review and meta -analysis, investigated the existing evidence, provided a summary estimate of ejaculation disorders related to all cancer parts and the popularity of erectile dysfunction, and determined that it was related to cancer patients’ ejaculation disorders related to patients with cancer patients. Characteristics.

A total of 64 studies (a total of 10057 participants) were included in analysis. The most common cancers are bladder, colon, testicles and rectum. After surgery intervention, the epidemic of EJD ranges from 14.5%of colon cancer to 53.0%of bladder cancer. The prevalence of erectile dysfunction is from 6.8%of bladder cancer to 68.7%of rectal cancer. In the meta -analysis at this large -scale research level, they observed the high rate of prevalence of ejaculation disorders and erectile dysfunction of different cancer areas and different types of treatment types. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct forward -looking research on ejaculation disorders and erectile dysfunction after treatment of various cancer treatment.

Supplementing vitamin D can improve infertility men’s sugar/fat metabolism steady state

Earlier, a number of studies have shown that vitamin D defects are related to damage to glucose and lipid metabolism (including diabetes). Men’s metabolic syndrome and death of men with damage to gonades are higher, and vitamin D state may be a reversible regulator.

A single center, double -blind, and random control clinical trial aims to evaluate the impact of replenishing vitamin D and calcium 150 days on the glucose and lipid steady state of 150 days.

The results showed that the vitamin D state of men with vitamin D was improved, and the state of vitamin D in the placebo group deteriorated, which was characterized by the increase in serum thyroid gonads (PTH). At the end of the test, compared with the placebo therapy group, the concentration of fasting serum insulin insulin insulin with vitamin D supplements was reduced by 13%, and HOMA-IR decreased by 19%. In addition, the high -density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol level of the experimental group was significantly lower than that of the placebo group.

In summary, large doses of vitamin D supplements are beneficial to the level of glucose steady and high -density lipoprotein cholesterol of infertile men.

High temperature may cause infertility

The core temperature of the human body is 37 ° C, while the temperature of the testicles is 2 ℃ -3 ℃ lower than the core temperature. Men’s testicles need to be kept at low temperature to form and mature sperm.

Many documents at home and abroad have pointed out that too high temperature is not good for sperm development. Excessive temperature can reduce the number of sperm (semen volume, sperm density), decreased activity (average path speed, curve speed, sperm head side sidewalk), sperm form abnormal Sperm, cone head sperm, non -fixed head sperm, empty bubble head sperm, double head sperm, neck and mid -range defect sperm, tail defect sperm, etc.), and tail defects, etc.), and induced genital apoptosis.

For some people, sauna is a good way to alleviate physical pressure. If you have nothing to steam a sauna, you can be comfortable in a small day, but for young men, this may not be an ideal activity. The high temperature of the sauna will increase the temperature of the eggs, affect the effect of sperm, and reduce the ability of men to fertility.

In fact, in addition to sauna, sitting posture, sedentary, and too tight pants can cause the scrotum temperature to be too high. In short, sperm is very easy to be injured, don’t warm them.

Some men have always been unwilling to go to the hospital. Especially with the diseases of the reproductive system, because of the face, I do not want to go to a professional regular hospital for treatment. Instead, they secretly go to some small clinics for treatment. As a result, they often delay the treatment and the labor of the people, which will cause greater harm to health.

Next, we posted some men’s reproductive health protection small common sense for your reference ~

1. Washing the vulva before going to bed is good for health. If the foreskin is too long, it is easy to hide dirt, which is easy to cause inflammation of the genitals. If it can be cured before marriage, it is more in line with sexual hygiene.

2. Do not wear tight jeans, because it is not ventilated, but also formed the compression of the testicles and high temperature, which can cause sperm -generating disorder and cause infertility. Therefore, it is not advisable to wear jeans for a long time. Essence

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3. Develop good living habits, do not smoke, drink, or take drugs. Masturbation is a normal sexual function of a man. According to domestic and foreign data reports, more than 90%of men have masturbated, which has no damage to physical health. However, frequent masturbation, causing weak constitution, lack of energy, and insomnia, is an excessive manifestation of masturbation and should be reduced and controlled.

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