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A 55 -year -old man insisted on drinking onions soaked with water pressure. What happened after 3 months?

Uncle Zhang, 55, has been suffering from high blood pressure for almost 6 years. He usually insists on taking antihypertensive drugs.

Three months ago, Uncle Zhang saw an article saying: Some researchers asked the experiments to drink a cup of standard amount of onion juice every day and found that after three months of persistence, the blood pressure would be lower than before the experiment. Onion has the effect of lowering blood pressure.

As a result, Uncle Zhang also began to drink onion and soaked in water. After drinking for a while, he found that the blood pressure did decrease a little, which surprised Uncle Zhang. So he stopped the medicine, drinking onions soaked with water, and occasionally ate a fried onion, which was maintained for three months.

But just last week, Uncle Zhang suddenly felt dizzy and headache, shook his hands, unable to take the water cup, and then fainted to the ground. The family hurriedly sent him to the hospital.

After inspection, Uncle Zhang’s blood pressure was as high as 170/100, and the encephalopperson showed cerebral infarction. The doctor’s consideration of Uncle Zhang is closely related to the recent suspension of medicine and only eating onions. Can the onion really reduce the pressure? Can you replace the antihypertensive drug for hypertension?

A 55 -year -old man insisted on drinking onions soaked with water pressure. What happened after 3 months?

First, onions can lower blood pressure, is it a “heart bracket” that can be eaten?

On the Internet, there has always been a “onion that can reduce blood pressure and clear blood vessels, which is the ‘heart stent’ in food”. Is the antihypertensive effect of onion really so good?

It is undeniable that onions are indeed a nutrient -rich ingredients, including a variety of nutrients such as sulfide, prostaglandin, anthocyanins, cordinin, calcium, iron and other nutrients.

As for the saying of “onion antihypertensive”, it mainly stems from a study that the extract of the onion extract prostaglandin A has the effect of expanding blood vessels, so as to achieve the effect of antihypertensive.

In the “China Hypertension Barrier Management Guide (2014 Revised Edition)”, in non -drug therapy for antihypertensive treatment, the content mentioned in food -related content is: reduce salt intake (<6G/day), reasonable diet (reasonable diet (reasonable Lipid control, heat control, balanced diet), eat more fruits and vegetables (400-500g/day of vegetables, 100g/day fruits).

It can be seen that food therapy does have a certain antihypertensive effect. However, here refers to the overall diet model, not a specific food.

A 55 -year -old man insisted on drinking onions soaked with water pressure. What happened after 3 months?

In addition, for patients with hypertension, dietary therapy cannot be used instead of drug treatment.

Because the regular onion treatment method does not completely dissolve the effective ingredients in it, and even high temperature may destroy some of the ingredients, affecting the efficacy.

The antihypertensive drug is different. It is developed for high blood pressure and has obvious treatment effects.

If the drug is blindly stopped, delusionally to achieve the effect of lowering blood pressure by eating onions, the result of the obtained is often the blood pressure does not decrease and rises, and it may even be due to the excessive blood pressure fluctuations, which causes the heart, brain and kidney to damage, and induces brain bleeding. This problem is very dangerous and may be fatal.

Therefore, taking antihypertensive drugs on time is the most correct recipe.

A 55 -year -old man insisted on drinking onions soaked with water pressure. What happened after 3 months?

Second, onions not only anti -cancer and blood sugar, but also prevent colds?

Regarding the effects of onions, there are many ways to say on the Internet, such as anti -cancer, blood sugar, preventing colds … Is that true?

1. Onion contains anticancer activity substances

Animal experiments have found that selenium and citrin in onions have certain anti -cancer activity, which can reduce the risk of some cancer. Animal experiments are not the same as human experiments, so everyone still has to look at it rationally.

Of course, it is beneficial to human health as a vegetable as a vegetable.

2. Cut the onion to prevent colds

In order to understand the authenticity, some experiments selected 5 monitoring points in a 30 -square -meter closed space, and onions were placed separately to observe the changes in the number of colonies. As a result, after 24 hours, the average number of colonies of these monitoring points did not decrease, but it was slightly improved.

3. Onion has the effect of lowering blood sugar

Experts from WHO found that the incidence of diabetes in Pakistani people has a low incidence and has a certain relationship with their love to eat onions.

A 55 -year -old man insisted on drinking onions soaked with water pressure. What happened after 3 months?

Third, purple skin, white skin, yellow skin onion, which one is better?

There are also many types of onions, such as purple skin, white skin, yellow skin onion, which is better?

1. Different varieties

This is the essential reason that leads to the different color of the three onions. Among them, the white skin onion has a low output and is the least resistant to preservation.

2. Different taste

The variety is different and the taste is naturally different. The flavor of the purple skin onion is relatively spicy and the texture is crisp; the yellow skin onion is not so spicy, and even has a trace of sweetness; while the white skin onion feels sweet, delicate, and the spicy taste is the lighter.

3. Different practices

Purple -skinned onion is more spicy, and it is more suitable for side dishes. It is also a good choice to add onions when barbecue; yellow skin onion is suitable for stir -fried dishes and stewed soup; white skin onion is more suitable for small fried or cold.

A 55 -year -old man insisted on drinking onions soaked with water pressure. What happened after 3 months?

How to eat onions is the healthiest? Zhang Dongmei, chief physician of the Department of Endocrine of Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, gave the following suggestions:

Pay attention to the control intake, try to <50g/day as much as possible;

Eating raw is better than cooked. You can eat it directly with other raw vegetables, or squeeze into juice every day to drink;

Purple -skinned onion is higher than the nutritional value of yellow skin onions, and the former can be preferred.

When buying onions, pay attention to observing its appearance. Generally, the outer skin is dry, complete, non -rotten, and hard -textured onion.

However, it should be noted that onions are not suitable for everyone, such as gastritis, gastric ulcers, and duodenal ulcers, so as to avoid more irritating substances in onions, which can stimulate gastric mucosa and cause gastrointestinal discomfort.In addition, patients with itching diseases and people who are susceptible to allergies should not eat onions.Onion is just a vegetable, which has a certain nutritional value, and eating onion properly is good for the body, but it is not appropriate to simply solve the disease problem by eating onions.Eating wrong may also be harmful to the body. Everyone should treat it rationally.

A 55 -year -old man insisted on drinking onions soaked with water pressure. What happened after 3 months?

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