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A few eggs in a month

Egg fertilization is the first step to bred a baby. The number and quality of eggs excreted by women are closely related to whether they can succeed in pregnancy. So, do you know that women will excrete several eggs in a month?

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A few eggs in a month

How many eggs do women have eggs a month? Generally speaking, women will only ovulate once a month. After entering the adolescence, because the pituitary gonadotropin is promoted, the original follicles in the ovaries begin to develop, synthesize estrogen, and the space around the egg cells is full of liquid, containing a large amount of estrogen. The growing follicles gradually moved to the surface of the ovarian, the follicle wall became thinner and thinner, and finally the rupture of the eggs flowed into the abdominal cavity with the follicular fluid. This process was called ovulation. In the end, only one follicles could survive. Menstruation is discharged from the body. Each ovulation is generally 14 days before the next menstruation, and it is very easy to conceive before and after ovulation.

Women usually have only one egg every month, which can be discharged from the left and right ovaries, or the ovaries on one side can be continuously discharged. Ovulation is related to factors such as the environment, emotion, physical health, sexual life, contraceptive drugs, etc., sometimes ovulation or two eggs can be discharged in advance, and sometimes ovulation or temporarily do not ovulation.

How many eggs do women have in their lives

The ovarian was formed from the original follicles of the ovaries. All egg cells were generated during the fetal period in the lifetime of women. There were about 300,000 to 400,000 primitive follicles during the newborn period, but 99%of the original follicle development was degraded shortly after a short time.

Understand the relevant knowledge of women’s ovulation, master your own ovulation period to help increase the chance of conception, and in daily life, in order to adjust the physical conditions, you can eat more animal liver, carrot, onion, oats, spinach and other foods and quantitatively photograph daily. Enter fruit juice.

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