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A good way to make coffee more delicious

Coffee is a very favorite drink. After getting up in the morning, drink a cup of wake -up, and make a pot of removal of a pot of removal after lunch. For many people, drinking 3 or 4 cups of coffee every day is commonplace. What do you drink so often, add something, or what to match can it make it more delicious? In this regard, a Japanese website surveyed 1,000 readers. Let’s take a look at the good ideas of Japanese netizens.

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1. Marshmallow

“I didn’t know where to see this kind of approach before, I also learned it, the taste is superb” (Chiba County/29 years old/female)

“Put the warm and hot marshmallow into the cup and integrate it with coffee, it is really delicious in the world” (Osaka Prefecture/25 years old/female)

2. milk candy, vanilla, vanilla

“That charming fragrance is my big love” (Tokyo/24/female)

“The company’s boss asked me to try it out, and the taste was surprised by the taste” (Chiba County/28 years old/male)

3. Vanilla ice cream

“Originally just thinking of replace ice and cream, I found that it was very delicious.”

4. Karuwari wine

“Because I want to drink, I add some to coffee” (Osaka Prefecture/28 years old/female)

The most popular in this group of “marshmallow” can be used for sugar. In addition, the unbearable friends can try coffee liquor, which tastes good and not drunk.

Small dim sum

1. Oreo & Milk Fillet & Oat Mark

“When the boss is there, it doesn’t matter when you work at work, but you ca n’t eat snacks. Therefore, when I ca n’t help it, I add some alfalfa oatmeal to the coffee or something.

2. Milk+black honey+a small amount of soy flour

“During the afternoon tea, I usually don’t eat snacks, and often drink milk and black honey soybean flour” (Kanagawa Prefecture/31 years old/female)

3. Sweet bread dry

“If the bread is too hard, you can’t swallow it, you can put it in a coffee” (Tokyo/24/Female)

Small creative

1. Coco

“In high school, the school’s automatic vending machine was sold with chocolate -flavored coffee, which was delicious.”

2. Orange peel jam

“Sour sweet, great” (Hyogo County/32 years old/male)

3. Black sugar with salt

“I like the taste of salty and salty” (Kanagawa Prefecture/29 years old/female)

The idea of ​​this group is very clever. It is really whimsical, but fortunately the taste is good (laughs).


1. Cola

“I forgot that there was coffee in the cup, and I accidentally added cola, so it tastes good.”

2. Baked tea

“The company owner is highly recommended” (Shizuoka Prefecture/28 years old/male)

3. Few black pepper

“I thought it would be spicy” (Shizuoka Prefecture/28 years old/male)

4. Ginger

“Very refreshing, fresh tone after drinking” (Chiba County/31 years old/female)

The combination of cola & coffee in this group, it is said that a famous baseball player also highly recommended, and it is eager to try.

Recently, the convenience store has also started selling vanilla powder, milk sugar powder, etc. There are many flavors. You may wish to try it to make your coffee journey rich.

(Editor in charge: Teng Xiaolan)


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