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A large number of hair loss after giving birth?Five methods can prevent postpartum hair loss

After the baby is born, the mother’s attention is to the baby’s body, but the postpartum pregnant mother’s body will also have some sequelae, and postpartum hair loss is one of the postpartum sequelae of the pregnant mother. So what causes the postpartum hair loss? Can it prevent and treat?

What are the causes of postpartum hair loss?

1. Discurring changes in the postpartum causes postpartum hair loss

Women’s estrogen during pregnancy and pregnancy will change, while women are the most time during pregnancy. Because of the effect of estrogen, the state of hair during pregnancy is also better. Some mothers may feel like The hair during pregnancy is thicker and shiny. However, after the baby is born, the estrogen in the pregnant woman will slowly decrease until the level of pregnancy is returned, and the hair growing during pregnancy will also lose hair due to the sudden decline in estrogen, and the new hair will also return again. Without so fast, it will make the mother feel that postpartum hair loss is obvious.

2. Do not wash your hair during the confinement period and cause postpartum hair loss

During pregnancy, I learned more or less some older generations said that the old concepts are confinement, such as the postpartum confinement period cannot take a bath or wash hair. With the progress of the times, many mothers know that this approach is wrong. In fact, as long as the confinement can pay attention to keep warm, you can take a bath and wash your hair, but some mothers still listen to these old ideas. During the confinement period Without a bath, and not washing your hair for a long time, it will cause a lot of bacteria to produce a scalp. This bacteria will affect the blood circulation of the scalp. It is likely to induce dermatitis and will aggravate postpartum hair loss.

3. Inadequate nutritional intake after delivery, resulting in hair loss

The postpartum mother’s body is still very weak, and the childbirth also consumes a lot of qi and blood for pregnant mothers. At this time, a lot of nutrition is needed. However, there are also many mothers, especially young hot moms, who want to return to the slim figure during pregnancy immediately, and start diet to lose weight shortly after giving birth. At this time, the mother must not only supplement nutrition to help the body recover, but also need to supplement nutrition to breastfeed. At this time, the nutritional needs are very large. If the body is recovered, it starts to die. It is easy to cause physical malnutrition. Nutritional malnutrition will also cause insufficient nutrition supply of hair. If it cannot be metabolized normally, it will appear postpartum hair loss.

4. I often stay up late after delivery and cause hair loss

Newborn babies need to breastfeed every few hours, causing many mothers to not rest at night. They have been busy taking the baby, causing long -term sleep insufficient, and staying up late to sleep late. Insufficient sleep is also an important factor that leads to postpartum hair loss. This is because insufficient rest will cause the scalp life cycle to accelerate. The hair follicles of the hair cannot absorb the nutrition of the scalp in time. Essence

Although a large part of the factors of postpartum hair loss belong to normal postpartum phenomena, hair loss affects the appearance, which is also the pain of many mothers, so what can be preventing and treated hair loss.

How to prevent postpartum hair loss?

1. Eat more nutrients such as protein

The reason why hair can be healthy, dark, and shiny all requires the nourishment of protein in the body, especially after gardening for pregnant women, and also needs breastfeeding to the baby. Hair loss. After giving birth, you must add more protein in time, and you can eat more lean meat, fish, chicken, milk, eggs, etc. In addition, when supplementing protein, you should also pay attention to more intake of vegetables and fruits to maintain nutritional balance.

2. Eat more food for Jianfa

In addition to eating more protein and vegetables mentioned above, pregnant mothers can also eat more, and can also choose foods with healthy hair effects, such as spinach, liver, egg yolk, kelp, etc.

3. Select mild hair care products

Postpartum hair care is also very important, because the hair follicles of the postpartum hair follicles are relatively fragile, so you can choose a more mild wash supplies dedicated to pregnant mothers, but you must also choose shampoo that suits your hair quality. Refreshing, if it is a dry scalp, the moisturizing type can be selected.

4. Frequent massage scalp

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Frequent massage of the scalp can also promote the health of the hair follicles and make the hair more dense and shiny. The pregnant mother can massage the scalp with a comb or finger after shampooing after shampooing, but do not use your fingertips to massage with your fingertips. Can help the blood circulation on the head and make the hair healthier.

5. Keep your mood happy

The baby needs to take care of the mother more. In addition, the trouble of hair loss can easily cause the pregnant mother to be upset and low. New mothers should learn to relax, maintain a good attitude anymore, relieve stress in time, or communicate more with their families to relieve low irritability.

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