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A question, is the “three seconds men” of premature ejaculation have fertility?

It is inevitable that people will inevitably jump out of all kinds of doubts. In life, men with “premature ejaculation” are often ridiculed as “three seconds men”. So the question is, is the “three -second man” of premature ejaculation?

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At the end of the study, what is the “three seconds men”?

With the doubts mentioned above, let’s first understand what “three seconds men” are. “Three seconds men” refers to the “synonymous” of men who have a short duration of sexual life and prone to premature ejaculation. Obviously, it is a derogatory word, which means that men are shot in seconds. The state of “three seconds” will inevitably make both husband and wife feel helpless, and the “sex blessing life” between husband and wife is often unhappy.

In fact, whether men have the ability to fertility and the length of persistence of sexual life are not directly related. As long as men can discharge sperm and testicles normally, they can produce sperm normally without other genital diseases, and the fertility ability is basically normal. As for the symptoms of premature ejaculation of “three seconds”, the cause of the disease needs to be excavated and treats correctly.

Premature ejaculation is a disease, but “three seconds men” ≠ “infertility man”

As a result, the phenomenon of premature ejaculation is traceable. On the one hand, premature ejaculation may be caused by frequent masturbation of men, and on the other hand, too much sexual life will also cause premature ejaculation. Inappropriate gender life and excessive masturbation have a certain impact on physical health. “Hand” is happy for a while, but the body will not be happy in the future.

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The fertility ability of men mainly depends on the health status of men’s sperm and sperm. Choosing the best age of fertility, the baby is still healthy and smart. The method of rescue is not without, that is, the healthy living habits that are always talking about — drink less and smoke less. The alcohol in the wine can easily cause men to suffer from alcoholic liver, and ethanol in alcohol also kills some sperm of men. Getting rid of the bad habits of smoking and drinking, I believe that fertility will not be too bad.

Regarding the doubt of three seconds men’s fertility, friends don’t have to be too anxious. Premature ejaculation does not affect fertility, but the sperm health after premature ejaculation needs to be known after being checked. “Three seconds” is embarrassing, but getting rid of premature ejaculation is still the lifelong task of male friends who have premature ejaculation! Bless everyone to build normal physiological reflexes and get rid of the “three seconds” life as soon as possible!

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