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A rash on the face is not allergic to 7 -year -old boy suffering from dermatomyositis

Chutian Metropolis Daily (Reporter Chen Yuan Correspondent Li Bin) Children with itchy skin and rash, and coating allergies are not universal recipes, because some facial rashes seem allergic, in fact, they are hidden more dangerous diseases.

The 7 -year -old boy Tong Tong appeared rash and erythema on his face a few months ago, and the eyelids on both sides were red and swollen. They were diagnosed with skin allergies and sunci dermatitis. Mother thought that her skin was allergic, so she didn’t care, and only painted him allergic. Until recently, Tong Tong felt a little difficult to go up and down the stairs and squats, and his limbs were a bit straight. Last weekend, he was crying and refused to wear clothes, saying that his hands could not be raised, and his mother was anxious. He took him to Wuhan Children’s Hospital and was diagnosed with dermatitis after being checked by a rheumatologist.

Director Yin Wei of this family introduced that dermatitis, also known as dermatocytic dermatitis, is one of the self -immune connective tissue diseases. It is a kind of serious damage to the skin, muscles, heart, lungs, kidney and other utensils. Systemic disease. Each age of dermatitis can occur, and it is common in the age of 40 to 60. Because children do not have many diseases, they are easily overlooked.

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