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A rotten teeth triggered a doctor of bone marrow inflammation calling for: children’s deciduous dental caries should be treated in time

The child’s deciduous teeth are broken, and some parents feel that “change their teeth sooner or later”, which can be ignored. As everyone knows, “Xiaodong does not make up, Dadong has been suffering.” The reporter learned from Wuhan University Stomatological Hospital yesterday that a 4 -year -old girl Xuanxuan (pseudonym) a lax of the deciduous teeth rot. Scraping bone treatment.

Xuanxuan’s family lived in Huangpi, and her appearance was sweet, but her teeth were not very good. I went to the hospital to find that there were many dental caries and black hair. Ms. Zheng, mother, said that Xuan Xuan did not like brushing her teeth, brushing her teeth was always not serious. She was also negligible to guide. The child’s teeth were getting worse and worse.

One day in late May, Xuan Xuan’s chin suddenly raised a bag without pain and itching. Ms. Zheng thought she was dangled by a mosquito and didn’t care. Until the swollen bag began to purulent and penetrates the skin. On June 1, Xuan Xuan cried at home. Ms. Zheng quickly took her to the dental hospital of Wuhan University.

After inspection, Xuan Xuan was diagnosed with mandibular osteomyelitis caused by deciduous dental caries. “The child’s deciduous teeth are almost rotten, and there are fistulas at the left mandibular bone.” Lu Kun, deputy chief physician, explained that there are pus and a large amount of inflammatory tissue around the decightening deciduous teeth. Bone marrowitis was formed. On the same day, the doctors of Xuanxuan were “scraping bone poison”, which cleared soft tissue abscess and osteomyelitis lesions.

Lu Kun introduced that the situation of osteomyelitis caused by dental caries for a long time is not uncommon. “This is because the maxillofacia is abundant, and there are more bacteria in the oral cavity. After the dental caries, there are more opportunities to be infected with bacterial infections.” If children’s deciduous dental caries are not treated in time, it will not only affect the permanent teeth Extinction will further lead to facial development asymmetric, maxillofacial deformity, and even increase the risk of suffering from systemic infectious diseases.

“Many parents think that children’s deciduous teeth are always replaced, and no dental caries will occur. This concept has led some children to delay for a long time, which causes other diseases.” Experts remind parents that they start from the age of 2 and a half years old, every time they are 2 and a half years old. In half a year, you should take your child to the child’s dental department for a check. Once you find that the child has dental caries, especially when the facial inflammation infection such as redness, swelling, heat, and pain occurs, it should be diagnosed and treated in time to avoid misunderstanding. In addition, we must pay attention to the health of children’s deciduous teeth, eat less sweets, brush their teeth sooner or later, and keep oral hygiene.

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