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A study from the Dutch uliar ulcer from the Netherlands tells you how common diabetes is

Today, there are few epidemiological materials on diabetic ulcers. Most of the current information came from the 1990s, when the incidence of diabetic foot ulcers was 1.9-2.6%. After that, the prevalence of diabetes has doubled and the care of diabetes has changed significantly. Then, the occurrence of contemporary quantitative diabetic foot ulcers is imminent, and it can provide a reference base line data for future research.

Recently, a research on Diabetology, an authoritative magazine in the field of diabetes, has published a research on the incidence of quantitative diabetes ulcers through the Dutch population.

The study included 81793 diabetic patients from the junior health database of the Dutch Health Service Research Institute. The crowd has data with standardized treatment plans and can well represent the Dutch crowd. The researchers calculated the annual incidence of diabetic foot ulcers and other foot abnormal annual incidence by collecting data from 2010 to 2013. In order to reduce errors, the calculation of the incidence uses patients with foot inspection records, all patients and patients with clear files with/missing foot ulcers.

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The results of this study showed that during the registration period, 412 patients with foot ulcers (0.50%), and the annual incidence of foot ulcers was 0.34%(0.22-1.08%). Among the patients with foot inspections, 14.6%of the people lack the pulse of the pedal, 17.3%of them have neuropathy, and 10.1%of people have wounded tissue/pressure marks.

In summary, the study shows that the incidence of diabetic foot ulcers in contemporary Dutch people is lower than the data reported by previous research institutes. This can reflect that the current screening of diabetic foot has improved and the degree of attention of doctors and patients has increased. In addition, nearly 1/5 diabetic patients have at least one risk factor in their foot inspections, which shows that preventive screening is crucial.

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