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Abdominal scraping to help you lose your small belly

Many young female netizens are not fat in response, but the abdominal fat is more annoying. In fact, the abdomen is most of the meridians of the human body. Due to the lack of abdominal exercise, the abdominal meridians are often blocked. The abdominal scraping is very good The method of dredging the abdominal meridians, the fat on the abdomen can easily reduce it.

First of all, the two legs should stand separately, stand firmly, and at the same time tighten the abdomen, and specially shave the abdomen fat. Holding the scraping board with both hands, finding your own ribs on your chest, scraping along the lower edge of the rib, scraping to the lower abdomen, and starting from one side to the other side.

Strang down from the lower edge of the ribs, then scrape the middle, and then scrape the lower abdomen with force, scrape it from top to bottom, scrape from left to right, and then scrape from right to left. The harder the weight loss, the better. Don’t worry about scratching the skin, because it is scraped across clothes.

Pay attention to scraping while inhaling, because when you receive your stomach, you will be fat, and fat will also be drove to exercise. The reason why the stomach is fat is because of lack of exercise. At this time, scraping can help fat movement. If you scrape it back and forth for 20 times, your body will be slightly fever. From left to right, from right to the left circle.

If you want to scrape your skin, you need to apply a layer of scraping oil on the skin, and at the same time, you should be smaller, otherwise it will easily damage the skin. You only need to scrape 1-2 times a day, you can choose to do it in the morning or night. And scraping before bedtime is particularly conducive to the next morning defecation. In addition, you can stand and scrape TV while watching TV. It only takes 15 minutes.

After scraping, drink a glass of hot water. Because scraping therapy causes the sweat holes to be leaked, and the evil qi is exhausted, it will consume the fluid in the body. Therefore, drinking cup of hot water after scraping is conducive to the water consumed, and it can also promote metabolism and accelerate the discharge of metabolic products. When scraping, we should avoid scraping in the air inlet or cooler places, otherwise it will be easily cold and affect the effect of scraping.

(Editor in charge: Yan Yufang)

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