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About 400,000 children are diagnosed with cancer every year!Two reasons or “the roots of scourge”, parents please pay attention

The magic claws of the tumor are increasingly extending to the child …

Quiet (pseudonym) was only 10 years old. Her parents always attached great importance to her health and took her to a medical examination every year. Half a year ago, the quiet medical examination results showed normal.

However, after half a year, she had severe constipation symptoms. At that time, her parents did not care too much. They just took the wrong thing and gave her some medicine at the small hospital near home. But the constipation after taking the medicine was not eased, and her belly became very large.

This allows parents to pay attention to it and go to a large hospital for examination. This investigation found that there was a tumor with a diameter close to 10cm in the quiet stomach. Due to excessive lesions, the spine is oppressed, and this is also the “culprit” that causes constipation. The condition was discovered too late, and it didn’t take long for the quietness to leave the world because of illness …

The same incident also occurred on the 12 -year -old Lei Lei (pseudonym). There was an abnormal mass on the clavicle on the left of Lei Lei. The texture was harder, but it was not painful and itchy.

He himself did not take it seriously, and it was not until one day after being seen by his mother that he paid attention to taking him to the hospital for examination. After a series of examinations, it is showing that Lei Lei suffers from primary bronchial lung cancer. Considering that the condition has reached the advanced stage.

Due to the age of young and tumor, the situation of Lei Lei is very dangerous, and the doctor’s determination of his expected life may not exceed 3 months.


It is said that children are angels, flowers, and the future of the motherland, but before the flowers bloom, they are attacked by the wind and rain. This unparalleled pain is unbearable.


1. About 400,000 children are diagnosed with cancer per year

According to data published by WHO, cancer is the main cause of the death of adolescents and children, and about 400,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year.

The data released by “Liuye Knife · Oncology” pointed out that cancer suffered from children and adolescents ranked sixth among the health burdens caused by cancer, and it was a severe illness that threatened children’s life.

Compared with adults, children with higher incidence are leukemia, brain tumors, lymphoma, and neuroblastoma. The cells of these cancers have the characteristics of strong growth and metabolism, while adolescents are more prone to skeletal tumors.

Deputy Chief Physician Zheng Hao Department of Children’s Hospital of Fujian Xiehe Hospital said that children have innate advantages in tumor treatment, and they can recover from chemotherapy faster. And children’s metabolism and bone marrow regeneration ability are better than adults, and the benefits brought by treatment will be greater. Another important point is that children often do not have obvious psychological burdens after illness, which also laid a solid foundation for cancer rehabilitation.

According to clinical statistics, the 5 -year survival rate of children’s cancer is about 72%. If children’s cancer can be found early and treated early, most of the hopes of cure.


2. Why are more and more children suffer from cancer? Two reasons or “scourge”

High incidence of children’s cancer, the incidence of continuous climbing is shocking, what are the causes of children’s tumors? Zhao Qiang, chief physician of the Children’s Cancer Department of Tianjin Cancer Hospital, pointed out that the causes of frequent cancer in children include internal and external environments.

Internal environment: including genetic genetic factors, mothers accepted ionizing radiation during pregnancy, or antibiotics/hormone drugs during pregnancy.

External environment: Including excessive decoration, the formaldehyde and benzene content in the living environment exceeds the standard; some people smoke at home, and then let children be in a second -hand smoke environment for a long time; As a result, fat accumulation in children and increase the risk of cancer.


3. Pay attention to the abnormal symptoms of the child’s body and say “no” to children’s cancer

There are some early warning signals in children with cancer, but many adults are not very familiar with these symptoms and are prone to abnormal symptoms, so that the condition continues to develop.

Abdominal pain or bulging belly: suddenly unknown masses occur on the abdomen of children and the ribs, and even the stomach is enlarged, it must be vigilant;

Fever for unknown cause: Not all fever is caused by a cold, and leukemia may also cause children to have a fever. The fever caused by leukemia has existed for a long time, and there may be a manifestation of temperature and low temperature at the same time, and it cannot be relieved after taking the medicine;

Pain for unknown causes: abdominal pain, joint pain, and headache may be caused by cancer;

Continuous lymph glands: some children will cause local lymphopardia, but after a virus infection, it can be recovered after a period of time. If the lymph glands are found to be continuous and there is no pain, it is recommended to seek medical examination in time.

The face of unknown reasons is pale and bleeding: Under normal circumstances, children should be very energetic. If you find that your children frequently appear tired, appetite and other symptoms, or abnormal blood spots and ecchymosis on the body, they also need to pay attention to attention. Essence

Extraction of limbs, torso: some bone cancer and horizontal muscle sarcoma can cause children’s limbs to cause abnormal swelling.

Fourth, care for children’s growth, parents learn to prevent prevention

In fact, it is not impossible to prevent cancer in children. For parents, it is important to do these things well in life.

First of all, after the new house is just renovated, do not rush to check in, let the house ventilate for a period of time. Then use a special formaldehyde measuring instrument, etc., and the measurement of the inside of the house is safe, and it is not too late to go in;

Secondly, parents must not smoke in an environment of children. Compared with adults, children are more likely to absorb the harmful ingredients in smoke, which will lead to a significant increase in the risk of children with lung cancer;


In addition, do not love children too much in life, let children eat some fast food, fried foods, etc. for a long time, let children develop healthy eating habits from an early age, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to avoid overweight weight; for children’s physical physical body Parents should observe more. Once you find that there are abnormalities, you should seek medical treatment in time, and you must not delay;

Finally, it is necessary to make children regularly conducting physical examinations. In this way, it is possible to observe the development of children in time. At the same time, it can also find the abnormalities in the body, so as to achieve early treatment and early treatment.

Each child is a baby at home, but some children have not appreciated the beauty of this world, and they have been taken away by the illness. I hope that such a tragedy will never repeat it. Parents must raise awareness of prevention, be guardians of children’s healthy, and care for children to thrive.

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