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Academician Wu Yiling: Who said that Chinese medicine has no scientific basis?

Traditional Chinese medicine has a long history, and has played an indelible role in the development of Chinese civilization for thousands of years.

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However, since the west studies in the early Qing Dynasty and the early Western school, the national government first abolished the old doctors, and after liberation, he had “excluded Chinese medicine” and “Chinese medicine depository waste” after the liberation. So far, the controversy of the “scientific” of Chinese medicine has not stopped …

Wu Yiling, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Dean of the Institute of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Medical Research, Hebei Province, said in an exclusive interview with 39 Health Network-

Traditional Chinese medicine is a medical science rooted in deep Chinese culture soil. The experimental science of Chinese medicine was very developed in ancient times, and traditional Chinese medicine has a large amount of data.

※ Cardiovascular disease has been in ancient times, and traditional Chinese medicine has rich experience in treating

※ There is an empirical treatment for traditional Chinese medicine to treat cardiovascular disease

※ In the face of urgency and critical illness, is Chinese medicine useful?

※ How to use traditional Chinese medicine to keep medicine?

Watch the full video, please scan WeChat and follow the “39 Cardiovascular” (ID: JJKKXXG), reply to “Chinese Medicine” to watch.

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